4 Ways To Get The Boho Look During Winter


A lot of people think that the relaxed bohemian style is only appropriate for summery festivals and picnics during the spring, but this is far from true. There are plenty of ways that you can get that cool, chic style to work for you when the temperatures have dropped, and hopefully, today’s post should point you in the right direction.

1. Use Layers

During summer this means short dresses with fringe vests and crocheted shawls. However, in the winter time, swap those vests for a thick, fur gilet and a long-sleeved cardigan over a maxi-dress. Then all you need to add are some chunky-knit fabrics to the mix, either by using different coloured scarfs or opting for an over-sized textured handbag. For more tips on layering, click here – you can create a relaxed bohemian style that will still keep you toasty.

2. All About Length

Part of what makes the bohemian look so effortless is how it flows. By wearing longer garments, you create a movement that swishes and draws attention to you wherever you go. While in summer you’d use a very lightweight dress, try to create the same length by opting for heavier dresses with equally long coats, and pairing them with over-sized accessories. Fringe leather bags will keep with the fluidity of the outfit, but extra-long scarfs simply draped around the neck will also work wonders.

3. A Touch Of Sparkle

Just because you’re trying to create a gypsy dream look doesn’t mean it must be too plain. You can easily add a touch of glamour to any hippy ensemble by trying out some bohemian inspired jewellery. Take advantage of the layering trend by adding necklaces of difference textures and metals to your outfit; ChloBo’s stunning boho jewellery collection perfectly captures the wanderer lifestyle, taking ideas from luxury travel to create a truly unique set of charm bracelets and necklaces. The best part is that they can be changed to reflect your own story and personality, so whether you’re looking for a guardian charm for protection, or you seek enlightenment and creativity, you’ll find plenty of charms and gem stones to match your needs.

4. Ponchos & Capes

No matter how you intend to pull off the boho trend, you’re still going to need to stay warm during these cold months, and there isn’t a hippy alive that doesn’t love their any excuse to wear their poncho. At this time of year, you can either get a festive, wintery print to match the season, or keep the traditional boho flare with a 70s print or an Aztec design. If you’re planning on going out for the evening though, an elegant cape is ideal. These are hugely popular right now so you’ll find plenty in the shops – some are even lined with fur for that extra special touch.

Are you rocking the boho chic look this season? Let me know what your favourite accessories are by leaving a comment in the section below.

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