3 Reasons Growing Up Doesn’t Suck

Growing up is hard for many reasons. One day you’re young and carefree, the next you could swear blind you’re getting wrinkles! It happens sooner than most of us would like. But, the good news is that growing older isn’t all doom and gloom. Instead of focusing on the negative implications of lost youth, we’re going to look at the positive factors of the years passing by!

1. You Get To Do What You Want

Okay, this may sound strange, but bear with me. Remember when you were young, and just wanted to stay up all night and eat rubbish? Well, now you can! In truth, you’ll probably be in bed by ten anyway, but who’s keeping track? The point is, you could do those things if you wanted! We get so caught in acting ‘adult’ that we forget simple pleasures. All we want when we’re kids is freedom. Then, we forget about that dream before we achieve it. Make the most of being grown up by staying up all night and eating popcorn.

2. Earn Money

Earning money is another huge benefit of growing older. The downside is, you have to work to get it. With any luck, you’ll be able to earn it doing a job you love. The first pay packet any of us receives is a cause for celebration. All too quickly, though, the appeal fades. When bills start, the money is gone before we even see it. Hold onto the magic of that first pay packet by treating yourself every time payday rolls around. The treat could be as simple as your favourite take away. Anything to make yourself feel special. You’ve worked hard for that money, make sure you appreciate it!

3. Own Your Own House

We’ve saved the best for last. That day when you finally get to move house. This is the ultimate, isn’t it? From a young age, most of us dream of how we would like our houses to be. Now you’re an independent, earning adult; you can make that dream a reality. This is one that doesn’t disappoint. Of course, home ownership is no easy path. Mortgage payments and home owner loans aside, nothing beats the feeling of being given your first set of keys!

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