Illuminate Your Life: Lighting Not Paint

Our homes are a reflection of who we really are. From the books we display on our shelves to the pictures we hang on the wall, it all tells the story!  With a focus on redecorating normally being aimed more at the colour schemes of our walls, it’s time you ditched the feature walls and took things back to basics! As you probably know, I love the Scandinavian theme. I’ve popped a post up all about it here and here.

White or off-white walls are often the basis of brilliant things.  The fact they are neutral colours means you can use furniture and soft furnishings to give your home a real dramatic makeover, instead of spending hours prepping and painting to get a dramatic effect.

Lighting against a white wall can give you the opportunity to balance colour and shading in a way you never could with paint. You can create warm zones for comfort or brighter areas for work and drama. Lighting can make a small room feel like a large room but you have to get it right.  Natural light is the best way to maximise the appearance of space.  There are structural ways you can improve this, such as adding a skylight or a porthole.  However, if you are on a tight budget and don’t fancy getting the builders in for weeks on end then follow these few rules.

Move wall lights up, this draws the eye upwards and casts a greater spectrum into your room.  Ceiling lights should also cast their glow as far and wide as possible so consider the type of shade you use.  For the ultimate illusion of space spot lights set into your roof will minimise distraction and enable you to pump more light into a small space. Don’t use warm bulbs, go with a bright light mimic the midday sun.

Lighting can enhance the mood of a room, making it more cosy and dramatic or giving you a party atmosphere. Bespoke lighting gives you the chance to design something that really fits your home.  Small changes such as floor lamps to brighten up corners or give off a warm inviting glow will cast shadows in your room and gently illuminate a living room.  LED lighting can be hidden away and project exciting colour effects across your walls, ceilings or flaws.  The advantage of LED is you can change the colours without changing the bulbs.

There are loads of atmospheric wifi enabled light bulbs on the market. Using a hub, you can download apps onto your mobile devices and fit the bulbs around your house.  You can then control the colour, brightness and effects from your tablet or mobile phone.  Just consider how annoying it might become though when your children get hold of the tablet and turn a seductive amber glow from your bedroom, into a multicoloured disco nightmare.

Get creative when it comes to lighting up a room.  You don’t need to break the bank to change the feel of your home and, the very best thing is, when you get bored of one look you can simply change positioning or a bulb.  Easy Peasy.

Hero Image by Burak Kebapci – Sponsored post.

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