5 Brilliant Bathroom Storage Ideas

In any home, storage is so important. Having enough of it is the only way for you to stay organised, and keep a tidy and nice-looking house. Tidying is super important to me, I even have it on a line in my Daily Habits for my Buller Journal! I don’t necessarily do a deep clean every day, that would be crazy, but I do have a little tidy up every day. 

The smaller the room is, and the more it is used the more important storage is. In a small space, having lots of stuff lying around makes it look very untidy, and has the effect of making it seem even smaller than it actually is. I have this problem in my bathroom as obviously being a beauty blogger as well as everything else I blog about mean I love products but, I live in a small flat so I need to be organised! I wrote this post the other day about my beauty and skincare storage too. 

Given the fact that most people’s bathrooms are quite small, and they are certainly well used, getting the storage right in this room is especially important. To help you to do this we have scoured the web to find some simple bathroom storage solutions that anyone can use in their own home.

1. Damp Proof Storage

One of the biggest problems with bathrooms is the fact they are damp and humid, which means things like soaps, and towels can easily degrade or go mouldy. The best way to avoid this issue is to store things that are susceptible to damp damage in sealable containers. A good example of this is keeping your bath bombs and soaps in a Tupperware. 

2. Use The Corners

Adding storage to the corner of your shower unit, or bath area is a great way to give you somewhere to store the soap, and the other toiletries you use while washing. You can find plenty of these on www.betterbathrooms.com. These guys sell a wide range of high quality, but low cost, bathroom accessories.

3. Utilise Pocket Organisers

Pocket tidies are a brilliant way to stay organised. They are lightweight, and easy to install on the door of any cupboard. Once you buy and use one, you’ll be hooked (geddit?) and want to use them around the home. Pocket organisers are an especially good way to make sure that all of the cleaning items are readily at hand.

4. Invest In An Under The Sink Organiser

If you have an under the sink cupboard, it is important to make the best possible use of the space. A good way to ‘fill the cube’ is to install shelves in there. If you are not good at DIY, don’t worry because it’s now possible to buy readymade shelving units that are designed to fit under the sink. They have a gap that is designed to accommodate your u-bend built-in. I need to get one of these! It’s on my to-do list. 

5. Sucker Hooks & Nets

Sucker hooks stick particularly well to tiled walls. If your kids have a lot of bathroom toys, buy a couple of large net bags to put them in. You can hang them up on a sucker hook and leave them to drip dry. I’ve just invested in a Magnitone Shower Hammock which keeps my Magnitone stuck to the shower wall and it’s amazing!

If you’d like more bathroom storage ideas you can find over 30 more here.

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