Super Quick Butt-Boosting Leg Workout

“I bet you’re in the gym for like 2 hours at a time aren’t you?” someone said to me the other day. I felt almost as if they were judging me and saying I’m boring just because I like fitness. It’s difficult to judge what people think about you when they say things like that but I definitely think we shouldn’t be thought of as boring if we do like to spend time in the gym. The point is that I only spend an hour in the gym if I’m doing a yoga class. My other sessions are between 25-40 minutes and that’s enough time to get a great workout in, so I don’t even spend that much time in there. It’s quite frustrating, don’t you think?


I’m not a personal trainer, I’m not a qualified fitness professional, I’m just a girl who likes to follow these amazing people who are on Instagram and Facebook and take inspiration from them for my own workouts. This is a workout that I put together and tried the other week and it really burned so I thought I’d share in case anyone fancies giving it a go! I love fitness influencers like Zanna Van Dijk and Clean Eating Alice, these gals are just so inspirational and I’m just trying to share a workout that I really enjoyed.


This workout is purely a lower body, legs & butt one! Start with a warm-up, I’ll row 500m or have a jog on the treadmill and I’ll always stretch out my quads and hamstrings before (& after) the workout so I don’t pull anything.

3 x 10 Reps Squats
3 x 10 Reps Leg Extension Machine
3 x 10 Reps Leg Press
3 x Reps Barbell or Dumbbell Lunges

Finish with a 21 15 9 split of jumping squats and jumping lunges. This is a great finisher! Basically it’s 21 jumping squats, 21 jumping lunges, then 15 of each and then 9. Done! Make sure you stretch and cool down properly afterwards, of course.


I’m wearing Davina F&F Active Grey Blurred Print Leggings in this post, from her new range and they’re pretty snazzy for a supermarket range, don’t you think? I always think you can find some fab bargains that are just as super sassy as your standard gym-wear brands. They also sent over the awesome F&F Active Space Dye Pink Leggings which you can see in this Instagram post from last week, I love them! These grey leggings fit really well, I just got my normal size but the pink ones come up a little larger on the waist so if you fancy picking them up I’d try them on in store to find your perfect size! One thing I’d say is that they could be a little thicker in the butt area, as you can see the label through them from some angles. I love the print so much, though! What do you think?

This isn’t a paid for post, but I have worked alongside Tesco and F&F Clothing with this post, all opinions are my own (as you can probably tell!).

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