How To Get Out Of Your Food Rut

Eating healthy can quickly become boring if you’re in a rut. Being in a rut basically, means that you’re eating the same things and you’re bored of it. This will quickly lead to escalated cheat days and not sticking to your calories and therefore not losing weight or staying as healthy as you want to. Here are four ways to get out of your food rut!

1. Find New Recipes

Mixing it up in the kitchen is the first way to get out of a rut. Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean just boring chicken and broccoli. Experiment with cookbooks and check out Pinterest for loads of inspiration. My Food & Drink Pinterest board is updated daily and is overflowing with tasty ideas. Whenever I feel stuck for what to eat for the next few days I always head here and see what I’ve been pinning.

Another great way to find new recipes is to swap with your friends and family. When you next see them, just ask for their favourite recipe of the moment and make sure you have a copy of yours too. At the moment I’m loving the Cumin & Tomato Cod from Joe Wicks’ first book so I’m telling everyone about this!

2. Cook For Friends & Family

This links in to your recipe swap! If you’re entertaining then you’re more than likely going to want to impress. This will get you straight out of your rut and into a fancy-schmancy mindset of impressing with your healthy and delicious cooking. Try it, you’ll probably surprise yourself.

3. Invest In Snacks

Trying new snacks is another perfect way to mix things up with your diet. I’ve just tried these Itsu Seaweed Thins as a little alternative to crisps. They come in three flavours: original sea salt, wasabi and sweet soy and salt and they’re definitely different. If you like Japanese flavours and are a fan of crispy textures then I’d definitely say to give these a try. They’re only about 25 calories a packet but I’d say that the portion sizes are too much as the flavours are quite rich. But, 2017 is the year of seaweed apparently so I’m glad I’ve tried them and I know!

itsu 2

4. Reinvent Your Favourites

Why not try and create a healthy version of your favourite junk food? For example, make your own burgers or try whipping up a classic Indian curry to replace your weekly takeaway. You’ll save money and be eating healthier at the same time! Win win.

I was sent these snacks for a review but this post isn’t sponsored and all opinions are my own. You can grab these Itsu seaweed thins for £1.00 RRP in selected Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Morrison’s, Asda and online at Ocado and Amazon.

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