4 Ways To Re-Energise & Relax

Sometimes the hectic nature of our day to day lives can be super overwhelming, which affects our mental and physical health. When things seem like they’re getting on top of us, it’s important to take time out and re-energise for a while, take a break and take a look at what really matters. We all need to have some down time now and then, which is the key to keeping us balanced! There are many simple ways to destress and switch off from the world – here are four of my favourite ways. 

1. Change Your Environment

A change of scenery can really make you see things from a new point of view and perspective. Just being out in nature, without a car in sight is enough to put us at ease. Sometimes we can barely hear our thoughts through the hustle and bustle of our city life, I know I spend most of my time on the bus staring at my phone trying to zone out from other people on public transport. When you surround yourself with tranquility, it becomes easier to clear our minds and recharge. We are simply present in the moment, enjoying it as it is. Just by taking a book to read under a tree, or sitting quiet for a while, makes you realise how nice it is to be free of thoughts. Check out this 3 tips for beginners mindfulness post for an easy way to understand it. 

2. Disconnect From Technology

Because of the generation we’re from, even going 5 minutes without social media can seem like an eternity. Once you’re able to detach you’ll find that a lot of your stress and anxiety could actually stem from technology. Staying away from our laptops, tablets and gadgets can be the stress reliever we need in this fast paced society. When we unplug, we free ourselves of the constant stream of images and often useless information that we are bombarded with everyday. Try to shut off for 20 minutes a day, or even test how long you can stay away!

3. Book a Relaxing Massage

The perfect way to wave goodbye to stress and tension is through a traditional Thai massage. This type of massage is over 2,500 years old, so it’s obviously stood the test of time for a good reason! Let the essential oils and therapeutic ambience work their magic in an indulgent two hour session. Talk to your massage therapist for expert advice and wellbeing tips to take home. You’ll return feeling like you’re floating, free of tension and generally much more awake and rejuvenated (hopefully!).

4. Declutter Your Mind

A constantly busy mind is not good for anyone. Not many people know how to turn off, and it’s definitely easier said than done. It’s true that life is happening right now, in front of us, and we’re often way too busy to pay attention. Sometimes it’s as easy as focusing on our breathing. For just 20 minutes of the day, forget about emails, bills and social media. Allow yourself that time entirely for you, distraction free. Write your thoughts down if it helps. Some people find it not only reduces stress, but makes them understand themselves better. I’ve just started my bullet journal and I’ll be sharing how I’ve been enjoying it soon!

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