3 Quick Kitchen Revamping Ideas

Upgrading and renovating your home is always a pricey thing to think about but you can make small changes every now and again when you can afford it, and they all add up to result in a gorgeous home that’s full of your own personality. Here are 3 tips to help you upgrade your kitchen for less.


1. Add Plants
This is my favourite tip for almost any room in a home that needs a little update! Adding faux or fresh plants and flowers really lift any room. And, as a bonus, you can get creative with your plant pots. By adding some materials like copper and silver-coloured plant pots you can really add some Scandi-cool vibes to your kitchen. I love cacti, succulents, and spider plants!


2. Fresh Utensils & Appliances
Scour homeware websites and supermarkets for discounted and sale home appliances or just invest in a fresh toaster and kettle set and you’ll be surprised what £100 worth of new gadgets can do to a kitchen. Forget about that expensive renovation and just focus on small additions and remember to keep them clean. Everything looks better after a good clean, too! Plus, if you’ve got some manky wooden spoons and a melted spatula sitting in a jar next to your stove then it’s bound to look a bit naff, pick some new new spoons for a couple of pounds next time you’re in a homeware store and your whole kitchen will be instantly lifted!


3. Upgrade Your Metallics
 Something small that can really lift a kitchen is the addition of some new metallic elements as they’re super shiny and will make your entire kitchen look like new! The easiest way to do this is to upgrade your cupboard handles if they’re metal and also your kitchen taps! You can pick up some new taps for between £100-175 from an online store such as Superbath who stock affordable and quality brands like Grohe. For a couple of weeks saving (and a few lew cocktails on a Friday night), you could have a super swish new kitchen taps and a fresh looking sink! Once you’ve scrubbed up your sink with some metal cleaner and added some sparkle, it’ll be as good as new. Obviously, if you know a kitchen fitter or a plumber that will do you some mates rates on the fitting that would save you, even more, pennies!
This is a sponsored post from Superbath but all ideas and opinions are my own.

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