How To Bring The Outside, Inside

Have you ever gone out and seen decor in a bar or restaurant that you’ve thought would suit your own home? Well, if you have, why stop one with just one piece of decor — why not give your home a revamp and renovation inspired by the interior you’ve seen.

Give your kitchen a revamp by giving it a bistro and restaurant-style makeover. You could start by giving your kitchen a black and white colour scheme. Turn your walls white and then bring in cabinets, counter tops, and titles that all provide black accents. You should also adorn your counter tops with marble surfaces, in order to give your bistro kitchen that all important ‘expensive’ look, even when it wasn’t necessarily that expensive to create. All of this, however, should sit on top of typical café flooring. You could pick from an array of styles, such as hardwood or white tiles. What instantly screams ‘bistro’, however, is black and white flooring. Do black and white squares not conjure up images of restaurants and kitchens in Paris to you? Well, you can step into Paris every time you step into your kitchen by following these tips.

And if you love spending your Fridays out on the town, then bring the town indoors to you by having a bar spring up in a space that is currently calling out for something to fill it. Whether it be a ‘wet bar’ for alcohol or a bar that serves soft drinks, smoothies or even coffee, you can have one built, or build one yourself, in any space in your home that has gone wanting for years.

You can make the space sophisticated by introducing a bar made of rough-hewn slats of wood that has chic wood barstools sat next to it, or if you want a more contemporary-style area you can add a black granite countertop bar that sits in front of a wall adorned by shelves. Strictly LED’s strip and tape lights offer the perfect backlighting for this style of a bar: they can be changed according to the mood required and light up all of the weird and wonderful things you want to put on the shelves behind your bar. But, when it comes to having a bar spring up in your home, it’s not all about making it look aesthetically beautiful: there are practical aspects to consider. These include not having it be bigger than 42 inches, in order to not make it more difficult when finding bar stools; you have to have a drip tray built in order to make cleanup easier, and you have to connect any pumps or taps to kegs. More advice can be sought

So, next time you’re thinking of revamping your kitchen, or any other spaces in your house that need filling, why not channel your inner public house or eatery designer and splash your inspirations all over? Watch out, though — people might begin to mistake your house for a restaurant or bar, so you may need to hire staff to serve them!

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  1. Allie what a brilliant idea! Im currently saving for my own place and cant help but keep looking for ideas for when i get it! I love the kitchen bistro idea, and the look of the one in your picture. Such a quirky and different idea.


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