Where To Eat In Dublin: San Lorenzo’s

Brunch, the meal of our generation, right? I don’t think anyone’s eaten as much #avocadotoast or eggs with a side of coffee than Gen Z, right? Definitely and I’m not complaining. Brunch has to be one of my favourite meals ever and it’s basically what all of our holidays and trips revolve around. During our Dublin trip, we headed to the well-recommended San Lorenzo’s, a New York/Italian style restaurant in the heart of the city centre. You can check our their brunch menu or read on for a taste of our experience!

We tackled the “Breakfast of champions” which is priced at €14.95 (about £12.68, quite expensive for a full English in my opinion) and includes the following tasty breakfast treats. A “jumbo traditional butchers sausage, Kelly’s black pudding, streaky smoked bacon, flat cap mushrooms, vine tomato, Boston baked beans, duck fat home fries & 2 fried eggs.” We were also tempted by the incredible sounding (and looking!) Coco Pops crunchy French toast which is “salt caramelized bananas, peanut butter, mascarpone whipped cream and Belgian chocolate sauce” on top of two slabs of French toast covered in Coco Pops!

I’m going to start by telling you that the breakfast we finally ate was awesome. It was huge, so pretty good value for the money in the end, and it was delicious. I loved the Boston baked beans and the little potatoes were a nice addition to a full English breakfast style of brunch. But, this only happened after we’d sent back our cold first breakfasts and got a bit annoyed that it wasn’t spot on the first time. We’d finished our small cappuccinos (apparently large but at €3.70 for about the size of a takeaway small Starbucks, I don’t think it was worth almost €4 but, I’ve said before, coffee is expensive in Dublin!) and were annoyed that we couldn’t enjoy our coffee with our breakfasts.

The staff and San Lorenzo’s completely redeemed themselves as they brought out two fresh piping hot breakfasts and two cappuccinos on the house after we’d expressed that we weren’t very happy. After all, the experience was great but it didn’t get off to a good start. I’d still recommend heading to San Lorenzo’s for brunch if you’re in Dublin any time soon. The rest of the food on everyone else’s tables looked amazing and no-one else seemed to be disappointed. We were only annoyed at the temperature of the first plate of food that came out and then we were very impressed after it was all sorted. The staff was all lovely after we’d complained obviously, but, when we first arrived, they all seemed a bit ‘too cool’ and aloof which is kind of annoying. I prefer people to be friendly from the get-go, not just when they’re trying to make something up to you, but, if that’s them, that’s fine.

san lorenzo 1

The seating was cool and the whole place had an industrial feel but you were very squished together due to the fact that they obviously want to fit as many covers into the restaurant at one time, which I understand. I’d recommend booking if you’re planning to head to San Lorenzo’s and don’t be afraid to complain if things aren’t exactly how you like it, remember that you’re paying your hard earned cash for this brunch, it should be perfect!

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