Pieminister £5 Brunch Review

Brunch is probably one of my favourite meals, it’s got to be said! I’m always super hungry for it because I’ve basically skipped breakfast and when it comes to 11 am, I’m so ready for a feast. We headed down to Pieminister to try their new £5 Brunch menu. I know what you’re thinking… Pies? For brunch? Not sure.

Well, if you’re not hungry enough for pastry for brunch they have some skillet options which is exactly what we went for! I went for the ‘Cheese Louise’ Skillet which sounds like a dream on the menu; “Halloumi, sweet onion & potato hash skillet with a poached egg, toast, tomato & halloumi”. Sounds good right? Doesn’t actually work in real life. What I was presented with was a lot (and I mean a lot) of tough sliced potatoes that had been overcooked mixed with bland halloumi and some onions topped off with a poached egg (well cooked, I’ll give them that) and a tomato. Halloumi is normally delicious, I love it, but here it didn’t taste of anything and didn’t really add anything to the meal. I hardly touched it, all I ate was my toast, beans, egg and a few bits of halloumi which isn’t like me.

Luke went for the ‘Wild Brunch’ skillet; “free range sausage, bacon & potato hash skillet with a poached egg, toast, tomato & bacon”. This was definitely better than the cheese based skillet as it had more flavour from the sausage and bacon. The potato in this one was more of a mash and was mixed with bacon pieces and was a lot tastier. I was confused why the potato was different in both the skillets when they were both described as ‘potato hash’. All in all, I wish I’d had this one but the teeny rasher of bacon on top was frankly pointless and it was a lot of potato.

Both skillets were served with smoky beans and sourdough toast which was the best part of the brunch. I’ve definitely had better ‘Boston’ style beans, these were quite thin and watery with chunks of onion and weren’t actually warm enough but by the time they arrived I didn’t want to wait any longer to eat.

In terms of the service and atmosphere at Pieminister Nottingham, we weren’t really that impressed. It was obviously a quiet morning, there was no one else in there when we arrived and a few other couples turned up around 11.45 as we were leaving so we were on our own for the majority of the experience. This being said, the food didn’t come particularly quickly. We were waiting 35 minutes for our food (yep, we’d eaten and were leaving after 10 minutes) and there were three girls at work but all standing around doing nothing, chatting and eating sandwiches from Tesco and occasionally coaching the chef with what to put where on our breakfasts which was just a bit weird to be honest. I’d prefer them to pretend they were busy, at least! I have 6 years of waitressing and hospitality work under my belt and I know that my bosses in the past would have been really disappointed if I’d have stood around doing nothing.

I love the setting in the restaurant, all the booths and lights and the floor is really cool but I’ve always found the service to be, frankly, a bit crap. We’ve been previously and didn’t find it very inspiring. Even when it was busy we felt like people were hanging around finding something to do instead of clearing dirty tables. You can read my previous Pieminister review if you fancy, I know that I mentioned the service in this post as well. I do like the main menu food, their veggie pies are delicious, but the service is enough to put me off going again.

I don’t think I’d head there for brunch though if I’m truly honest, the menu just didn’t work for me. I understand brunch is a huge business at the moment but I just don’t think it works for Pieminister, I think they’ve missed the mark here completely. Maybe the pies are better but again I don’t think pies are the most brunch-friendly food. Have you been to Pieminister for brunch or any other meal? Let me know what you thought!

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  1. I agree about the service; it’s terrible. I waited 45 minutes for a pie that tasted like a frozen one you could just buy from Tesco.

    It’s dark and dingy and this common “hipster” aesthetic that’s popping up all over Nottingham is baffling.

    1. To be fair, I quite like the normal menu pies and I’ve been a few times for those but the service has always been below par! It is super dark though, I agree, but, it’s just the aesthetic that’s popular nowadays and it’s not to everyone’s taste unfortunately! x

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