Target Dry: Looking Cool In April Showers

Spring is well and truly here at last (well, almost)! Are you ready to venture into the great outdoors, because it is time to put away the winter clothes, and come out of hibernation. What to wear in spring can be a difficult choice. At the first sight of the sun, it is all too tempting to dig out those shorts, vests and summer dresses, but we are not quite there yet! The sun lies, it’s still pretty chilly. Here are some top tips for looking cool but staying warm and dry this spring.

Light fabrics

The flowers are showing their heads and the sun has made a return to the skies. That means saying goodbye to the heavy winter coat for some lighter fabrics. Cotton is always popular, but there are plenty of other options such as tropical wool or linen. 

Spring is also famous for its April showers, so do not be caught out. A good quality pac a mac is ideal for anyone, for keeping out the rain and spring breezes.  But it is also light enough to keep you looking and feeling cool.


The reason spring can be so difficult to dress for is the huge variability of the weather and temperature. One minute it seems like summer is almost here, and the next it is blowing a gale and pouring with rain.

Be ready for whatever mother nature is planning on throwing at you by going equipped with layers, such as leggings, a sweater and of course the trusty pac a mac!

Bright colours

Spring is a cheerful, happy time. Just take a step outside on a nice spring morning and smell the air – it is like the world is coming back to life. Wear light colours to look and feel as fresh and cheerful as the season.

Pastel shades never go out of fashion at this time of year, and floral patterns are also a guaranteed winner. People just love to see flowers in spring! Having said that, it is not all about bright colours. You also need a good supply of neutrals to balance things up, and of course neutral colours work whatever the season. White forms a great basis for a classy look, and can be accessorised as you wish, and as the weather dictates.

Ready for the summer dresses?

The answer is probably “nope” but spring could be the perfect time to try out a maxi dress. The cut and design will keep you cool when the sun comes out, but the length also prevents you from getting cold.

If the weather is looking nicer, the knee-length dress gives you a classic look, that works with any figure.


Perhaps shoes is the most difficult decision on a spring day. It is not possible to layer up the shoes, so you really do need to dress for the weather and the occasion. Flats are perhaps the best all-rounder, as they work with either a casual or semi-formal or dressy outfit. They also bring the compromise of exposing the top of your foot to keep cool, while keeping the toes covered.

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