Notts Foodie’s 5 Quirky Restaurants and Cafes in Nottingham

As a food blogger I’m always on the look out for things that are a little different or intriguing, this blog lists a selection of restaurants that are a little weirder than others you may expect. Their quirkiness could come from décor, food or just generally the way they work. I hope you find these suggestions inspire you to try something a little different this weekend!

The Wonderland Cafe Station Street

Fans of Alice in Wonderland were jumping for joy last year when this new café opened. Themed in a way that Lewis Carroll would be proud of, The Wonderland Café has all wait staff dressed up as characters from the book and there’s random improvisations every now and again for entertainment purposes. They also have their own food challenge called The Mad Fatter, which is afternoon tea but Wonderland style (and a lot of it).

Oaks Bromley Place

This has grown in popularity since it opened a couple of years back and there’s no wonder why really, it’s a great little restaurant that has great staff, live music and really good food. They specialise in oak smoked sausages, all of which are from local sources. You can see the large open fires where they cook all of the food no matter where you’re sat within the restaurant. The food is really good but its quirkiness comes from their toilets that are housed in industrial freezers, complete with the push button to open the door from the inside. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen or experienced before and definitely worth the trip, just for that!

The Hockley Arts Club Carlton Street (between Apalts and Hair Q Beauty)

The Hockley Arts Club took me about three times to find – don’t use Google maps or you’ll be walking around the same building a number of times before giving up. Eventually I had to Google how you get into the place and found that it is down an alleyway (I walked down there the second time but there was a man putting rubbish in bins so I turned back thinking I was walking into the back of a restaurant). This is by far the hardest yet quirkiest place to find in Nottingham. Forget Boiler Maker as that secret’s well and truly known, this is a proper mind boggle. Inside you’ll find three floors all decorated in different themes, funky cocktails and a delicious food menu.

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Street Food Revolution Broad Street

Street food is becoming all the rage at the minute with the new proposal for markets in the Vic Centre that could be opening up later in the year. If you’re after a quick bite on the go but don’t want something too naughty then head over to Broad Street where the Street Food Revolution begins. In an alleyway next to Rough Trade there’s a stall with some home cooked filling food – think wraps, hot cobs, burgers and waffles. They also do vegan options and if it’s raining you can opt to sit inside Rough Trade for warmth or shelter.

Ludorati Café Maid Marion Way

One of the latest board game cafes to open in Nottingham, the venue is situated near the castle features giant chess and over 700 different games to choose from, including some classics like Monopoly or Cluedo. The café serves coffee and cakes along with some lunch snacks and even alcohol. For those looking for the geekier side from a board game café it has that too, there’s a ‘premium’ games area, special events and ‘gaming baristas’ on hand to help you with rules or advice on games.

There’s always something new popping up in Nottingham and there are probably another 2 or 3 places I can reel off the top of my head right now but they’re the ones that aren’t that hidden or are pretty well known across the city. As Nottingham becomes even more of a foodie destination I’m sure more quirky restaurants will pop up. Make sure you stay on top of the latest venues by following and reading my blog, Notts Foodie.

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