Ted Talks: Is It OK To Just Talk About Clothes?

I posted one of the (awesome, thanks Anna) pics from this outfit on my Instagram this morning with a caption that was just exactly what I was thinking. What shall I write to go along with this outfit? I just felt like I didn’t have loads to say (for once, I know, parents evening flashback). Most of the time, I’ve got something to chat about, be it something great or the struggles of work, blogging, life, everything! But, this time I didn’t really know what to write.

But, not knowing what to write got me thinking. Do we always have to write a ‘content’ based post when sometimes all we want to do is show off our favourite new outfit? After all, this is what fashion blogging traditionally is about and first and foremost I hope that I’m a fashion blogger. Most of the time I’m a lifestyle blogger with some style thrown in but I love clothes and I always have done.

So, this post has turned into the question… Is it ok just to write about clothes anymore? I understand, just as much as everyone else in this industry that content is king. But, sometimes can’t content just be a fresh outfit that you can’t wait to share with your followers? To me, fashion content is that, especially for bloggers in our industry. I love to write advice, voice my opinion, share tips and everything else but sometimes, I just want to show you how much I freakin’ love this Misguided jacket with some sassy photos.

I’ve basically talked myself round into not beating myself up if I don’t have a huge opinion that I want to voice just once in a while. It’s OK to float about in vanilla land and not want to be the loud mouth. This post is all about how much I’ve remembered that I love fashion and clothes for the simple thing that it is; fun!

On to the style talk. This Missguided jacket is my new favourite wardrobe addition, it’s just so cosy, actually really warm and I love the style of it. My skirt is from Warehouse years ago but this Fashion Union faux leather one is a great dupe. I’ve paired the skirt with essential tights and my high top Converse and accessorised with the cutest black mini bag and studded belt. It’s almost all ASOS everything except the jacket and trusty leather skirt but this is a standard outfit for me. I threw it on before work one morning last week and decided, actually, I’m loving this and I need to shoot it for the blog. That’s what I did.

I hope you liked this post, I hope you like this outfit! I hope you click follow or at least come and see me on Instagram or leave me a comment. Let me know your thoughts about ‘fashion’ content. Do you think it always has to have the basis of an opinion and a wider thought process? Or do you agree with me that it can sometimes just be about fashion? Obviously I understand that this post is, in fact, the content that I’m talking about not writing but I mean for the future, I won’t stress about not having ‘content’ when I don’t have anything to say.

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  1. Hey Allie!

    Nice post! I totally agree, what if we dont have anything to say but we dont want to keep our cool new outfit to ourselves? Aren’t we supposed to want to share things as bloggers? Does that just mean words? I love your outfit. And i LOVE the thsirt, where is it from?…

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