Why I Wouldn’t Want To Blog Full Time

A bit of a rambly post today, all about blogging and the world of influencers! At the moment, it feels like everyone is a blogger and also, at the same time, everyone is making it seriously big! These girls are giving up their jobs to be their own bosses, travel the world and absolutely smash it. I love following these girls, I love blogging and I (obviously) love paid jobs with brands I love but, would I want to do it full time?

If I think about it hard, not really. I love my job, it’s exciting, I work with incredible people and I get to work with some crazy big brands. But, sometimes, I do get a bit jealous when I’m booking the £5000-a-video influencer, but that’s only because I’m seeing the pound signs! I wouldn’t want the pressure of that kind of investment in me, in my content. Especially when things go wrong! I do a lot of influencer activity with my day job and then I also see things from the other side of the coin with having my own blog and working with brands myself. I much prefer being a micro-influencer. Even though I hate the word influencer, I have to accept that I suppose sometimes, maybe to one person, I have influenced them at some point. I don’t know, maybe I haven’t, but I’ve got followers that are growing so, someone wants to know!

I’d massively miss people if I had to work on my own. Obviously, there’s a lot of events, meetings and more when you’re a mega influencer but I’d miss chilling at lunchtime with my work friends and those impromptu Deliveroo orders! I love blogging and I don’t think I’ll ever give it up at the moment. I’m not thinking about it at the moment anyway because I’m still really enjoying it, as weird and kind of self-obsessed as it is. Blogging’s weird if you think about it but, it’s a thing now and I’ve found something I’m quite good at so I’ve turned it into my career and my part-time side hustle!

What about you, would you want to blog full time, be your own boss and work on your own? Or, are you happy with it as a hobby? I’m on the hobby side of things. But, perhaps this is because I essentially do a really similar thing for my day job too. If I worked in a supermarket, I’d probably dream of blogging for myself, full-time for a living! Anyway, just a few things to think… Let me know what you think if you’re in a similar position to me, or not, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I’ve collaborated with Smartbuyglasses.co.uk this month and I wanted to show off these lovely frames. They’re Tom Ford and something a bit different for me! I usually wear quite large frames, more of the classic geek-chic look but these are super cute and small and I’m actually really liking them. What do you think? Are you a fan of the smaller frames? Also wearing an ASOS boxy striped t-shirt that was a sale bargain so I’ve linked a similar one if you like it.

All photography by Anna from Pear & Bear Photography.

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