BRITA: Bye-Bye Bottled Water

Staying hydrated is a huge thing for me. I’m constantly drinking water both to keep myself hydrated and I’ve also got into the habit of carrying water everywhere because if my Invisalign, incase I need a quick drink to make them more comfortable or after I’ve had a coffee and there’s no time for a full teeth clean! If you want to read more about my Invisalign course, check out my blog post with all the lowdown. Even if I’m just heading out for a coffee, shopping, into town or whether I’m travelling or going to work, you’ll always find me with a bottle of water. I find that I get headaches really easily if I don’t top up my beverage levels!

Having a re-usable bottle is great for a number of reasons. First up, you’re saving so much money! If I bought a bottle of water every day, I’d be spending about £30 a month on bottled water, which is nuts. I’ll occasionally buy them if I’ve forgotten my bottle or if I’m off on holiday or away, of course, but most of the time I like to take my own bottle around with me. The next benefit of re-usable bottles is probably the most important, the reduction in waste is incredible. If you chuck away 4-5 plastic bottles a week, that’s almost 20 a month that need to be recycled (hopefully recycled!) or just ending up on landfill.

The BRITA Fill&Go Active Bottle is a super innovative new sports bottle that’s just landed on the market. First up, I have to say that it’s awesome because it doesn’t bloomin’ leak! I’m super tired of finding soggy sandwiches or damp gym socks because my bottle’s leaked in my bag so this baby is awesome. It’s super practical and has an amazing filter that improves the taste and reduces chlorine. It’s also dishwasher safe so there’s no need to worry about germs.

What do you think? I’d encourage you to get a re-usable bottle for sure, enjoy the same filtered water, save yourself some money and save the planet! Woo, world peace, just call me Miss Congeniality.

Fab photography by Anna from Pear & Bear Photography. This is a collaboration with BRITA.

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