3 Ways To Get Your Inspiration Back

Just recently I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed and a teeny bit uninspired so I’ve decided to take a week and then my up coming city break this weekend to have a step back from the blog and get super inspired again. Time to get my mojo back!

There’s been so much happening recently in my little world that it’s been difficult to focus. Fortunately I know a couple of things that help me when I’m feeling a bit lost and I’m definitely going to make sure I do these so I can come back to my blog feeling fresh in a week or so!

1. Take a break
Exactly this. I’m off to Prague at the end of the week so that’ll fill me with so much inspiration and a tonne of content too. I’m thinking a photo diary, a things to do post and a couple of my favourite places to eat and drink. I love writing and creating travel content and I love reading it and seeing it on Instagram too. I always find it so inspiring to read so I enjoy creating it. Here’s to having a week off to re-charge! We all have to do it sometimes, especially when we have full time jobs and lives that move at 100 mph.

2. Try something new

I’ve been absolutely loving Hot Pod Yoga over the past few weeks. It’s something that I’ve been trying with some of my girls from work and it’s so relaxing and different. If anyone’s interested in my experiences then I’ll definitely pop up a post all about it. Getting out of routine is a great way to get inspired. I’ve been enjoying my training still, gym and weights but hot yoga has definitely given me something else to enjoy.

Whistles clutch bag. Casemate phone case.

3. Reflect on the best

The best way to inspire yourself again, whether in work or blogging or anything is to see what you enjoy best and what performs best. My recipes and food posts always do well and as I said before I really enjoy travel writing and style posts so I think I’ll definitely be sticking to and working hard at these topics in the future. Just a short one from me today but something that I hope helps anyone else that’s been feeling like they’ve lost their blogging mojo recently! It can happen to all of us from time to time so it’s not a negative thing at all, it’s just an opportunity to reflect and change for the better.

Photography by Anna from Pear & Bear Photography

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  1. Beautiful post! I love all of your tips. As a pretty small blogger it can be easy to neglect all of the things that you accomplished. I like to reflect and appreciate all of the things that I’m proud of. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

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