Around The World Review Nottingham

I’m going to kick this off by saying whoever invented halloumi is seriously special. I mean, those Greeks know how to do cheese. And that’s exactly what we started our dinner at Around The World with. Around The World is part of the new Bierkeller complex that’s hit up Friar Lane in Notts city centre. (It’s in the old Walkabout for anyone who’s bad with street names!) Around The World is a bar with Bierkeller German Stein and Hotdog bar below and a Shooters sports bar above it. The complex has literally everything for a fun, cheap night out with surprisingly good food.

I ate at Bierkeller a few weeks ago after work with some friends and was surprised by how tasty the hot dogs were and when Around The World contacted me to check out their menu I thought I’d definitely give it a go. It’s not probably the type of place that I’d usually head on a date night but if I was out with work friends or I was in a city where I didn’t know where to eat and they had an Around The World I’d happily head here.

Around The World is literally a beer-lovers Heaven. There is an insane amount of beers from classic German pilsners to my fave American Quilmes. Alongside this extensive beer menu they have cocktails including a cocktail of the moment that they focus on. 

As well as their relaxed atmosphere and extensive drinks menu they have some tasty food offerings too. As I’ve previously mentioned, the halloumi was incredible – seriously good! I loved how it was presented with a little salad too, makes a change from bars and pubs just chucking things into a tin can and giving it to you. We also tried the buttermilk chicken bites which I’d recommend too if you’re a chicken nugget fan like myself. They’re essentially pimped up nuggets and are so crispy and delicious.

 We both went for cheese and bacon burgers with skinny fries but we also might have tried the sweet potato fries and the cajun wedges. So many carbs. Their sweet potato fries were on point and the skinny fries were good too but I wouldn’t really recommend the wedges if you’re expecting them to be really cajun-y. They weren’t. The burgers were a little over done if I’m honest, I didn’t eat all of my meat because it wasn’t really worth it. The patties should have definitely not have been cooked that long. They look so impressive though because of the cheese, salad, bacon and onion rings so if you’re a fan of a giant burger, Around The World is a great place to go. The toppings were lovely I just wasn’t loving my actual burger that much. I’d definitely try the buttermilk chicken burger that’s on the menu if I return though because I’d trust them to create a giant version of the delicious buttermilk chicken bites from the starters. Service was fab at Around The World, I couldn’t fault it at all, thanks for having us!

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