9 Things You Need To Do In Prague

You all know I love a city break. Let’s walk 35 miles in three days and pretend we’re not tired? OK, cool! But seriously, city breaks are amazing, you cram so much into a long weekend and just like that, you’ve seen a whole new city, experienced new foods and had a load of fun with your favourite people. Here are my nine recommendations on what to do in Prague.

1. Get high

Nope, not in the Amsterdam way, kids. Prague has so much to see from way up high you need to get up there! We headed to the top of the Astronomical clock to get this insane (and necessary) photo. It’s only 250kr for adults and 150kr for students so around £12. You can walk or get the lift to the top of the oldest working astronomical clock and check out this incredible view. You should also wait for the clock to chime on the hour because it’s amazing, there’s little figures that pop out from it and a skeleton that rings a bell. It’s kinda cool. Try and head there in the evening because it gets so rammed in the square in the day time. We also headed to the top of Petrin Tower which is well worth doing as you can see the whole of Prague from the castle side of the river.

2. Check out the art

David Cerny did some cool stuff and these freaky babies are only one of the installations in Prague that you can check out as you wander around. Located just round the corner from the John Lennon wall in Kampa, just over Charles Bridge.

3. Look up

Seriously, you’ve never seen so many gorgeous buildings so make sure you’re looking up all the time!


4. Snap some street style

Obviously as a blogger a sweet back drop is a goldmine so wear your best outfit when you head out in Prague because there are some amazing walls, a tonne of graffiti as well as amazing architecture, pastel perfection and incredible streets.

5. Educate yo’self

There are so many cool museums in Prague. We headed to the museum of Communism which was so interesting, the beer museum (don’t get confused by the pub called The Beer Museum) and the museum of torture. There’s also a Franz Kafka museum, a lego museum, a toy museum, the castle and all of the attractions have a tonne of information in them. Take it all in! We headed to the torture closest to Charles Bridge – there’s another one that’s further in land which has some bad reviews on Trip Advisor so don’t get confused if you’re interested in the gruesomeness!

6. Kampa and the John Lennon Wall

This is a must see! Head to the wall early in the morning because it’ll be so much quieter. We headed around 9.30 and there was only a couple of other people there.

7. Eat a chimney

You’ll see these absolutely everywhere! I think the English translation for them is chimney but they’re called Trdlo or Trdelnik. Basically doughnut-style dough that’s rolled around to create a cone or a cylinder shape, dipped in cinnamon and squished full of vanilla ice cream and nutella. They’re amazing!

8. Get arrested and then escape

One of the best things that we did over the weekend was tackling Escape Rooms Prague. If you’re not sure what an escape room is, it’s basically an hour of your life where you have to work out how to get out of a situation. We were arrested in the communist uprising and had to get out of our room by cracking clues, codes and finding keys to unlock a million padlocks. You will have the most fun ever trying to work your way out of whatever situation you get put in! I think this is around £10 – £15 each but it’s so worth it.

9. Eat all the food and drink all the beer

This is my final point and obviously my favourite. There’s so much to eat in Prague. Check out Taste of Prague on Instagram for loads of inspiration there are so many amazing places to eat. Grab street food from the main square, pastries and coffee everywhere you can and stay tuned for a post on my favourite place to eat brunch in Prague later this week. One of the best places for dinner that we discovered was a place called Restaurance Mincovna which is just off the square and isn’t your typical tourist haunt. The food was amazing and we spent between £70-90 on a meal for four with multiple bottles of wine and three courses each! This was the special hanger steak with morrel mushroom sauce and it was dreamy. Enjoy!

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