Where To Eat In Prague: La Bottega Linka

La Bottega Linka┬áis one of the best places in Prague for breakfast or brunch (and even lunch actually, we went there twice on our trip!). It’s a seriously cool industrial-feeling cafe with incredible food.

We discovered this place on Instagram, naturally, and headed there for our first meal when we’d landed in Prague. We needed lunch! For our first meal we had a picnic style lunch of different salads and then bread and freshly cut meats and cheese. They have a deli in the cafe with all of these ready to go and everything looked amazing. We had such a delicious lunch and we spied this ‘Sweet Breakfast’ on the menu so decided to book for our last morning in Prague.

We weren’t disappointed and it definitely wasn’t a fluke first visit. Check out the amount of carbs on this bad boy. It was seriously good. The porridge was banana and creamy oats topped with crushed peanuts. The waffle was my favourite bit – they also have this as a breakfast dish on it’s own and I wish I’d had ordered that so I could have more waffles!

If you’re a fan of pastries, cakes, fresh bread, meats and cheeses, salad, anything fresh and gorgeous then you should definitely head to La Bottaga Linka if you’re ever in Prague. It’s well priced, the food is amazing quality, the setting is lovely and the staff are all very nice and helpful. You can even book online on their website so it’s super easy. It’s really close to the Palladium shopping centre (just around the corner) so if the weather’s bad you can hide away in there for a few hours too.

I think La Bottega is a chain in Prague or just an independent with a load of different sites as there were a few others but with different endings such as di Finestra and Tusarova. Check them out, I’m not sure what the difference is I just know that I’d definitely recommend Linka!

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