What I spend in a week #1

I’ve become obsessed with the Refinery 29 Money Diaries! I don’t know why, maybe I’m just nosy, maybe I just want to know whether I spend a normal amount of money? I don’t know! If you’ve not read them, it’s basically an insight into what women with different salaries, different lives and who live in different areas of the UK spend every week. I also spotted that Gillian from Elevator Musik did her own version so I decided I would too!

I’m not going to share my salary or anything but I have about £90 a week disposable income but I’m trying to save more so not trying to spend a lot anyway! Aren’t we all? I keep a monthly log of my disposable income so I know that I won’t ever go into my overdraft. I pay £125 of my credit card off a month that I took out for my braces and I try to save £100-130 into my savings account too. So, here goes on my spending diary!


I’ve just been paid so this is happy days! But, I know it doesn’t last long because about £700 goes out for rent, bills, gym etc about a week after my wages come in. I start my weeks on a Saturday which is when we usually do our food shop. I have a food budget that is separate to my disposable income but I’ll include my food in this too. I overspent last month slightly so I’ve rolling over £32.73 from last month’s spending. This sucks and I try to keep to my budget as much as I can but sometimes, life, ya know?

We head to Aldi to do our shopping and my half is £18.47, this is a fairly average shop. It goes from about £30-50 a week depending on what we’ve eaten the previous week, we might have meat left over etc so won’t have to spend as much some weeks.

After food shopping we head to see Yasmin, my gorgeous eyebrow queen and we both have an eyebrow wax and I get mine tinted. £10 for me. Head to the gym in the afternoon and then just chill at home for the evening watching some crap telly and have an early night! We were out on the Friday (the night before) so we wanted a night on the sofa.


We head over to Available Car to have a look at some ideas for new cars and pick up some snacks and a coffee for the way from Tesco whilst we get petrol. This is £7.50 for petrol and £3.45 for our snacks.


ASOS have 20% student discount and as I get this through work I take the chance to order a t-shirt I’d had my eye on and some earrings for my sister’s birthday – £19.20.

Check my bank and see that £2.99 has gone out for my TVPlayer subscription which I got half price for two months. I only get this so I can watch Britain’s Next Top Model. Don’t tell anyone. I pop this on my weekly spending because it’s not a monthly outgoing.

Head to Hot Pod Yoga after work but I’ve already paid for this block of bookings last month so nothing spent here!


One of the girls at work is leaving this week so pop £3 into a collection for her.


My credit card bill ends in a random £3.03 number as I used my credit card to pick up some bits from Primark last week (which I paid off last month!) so I pay off the £3.03 because I’m weird and it annoys me if it’s not an even number.

Pick up some pizzas from Aldi for dinner, it’s been a weird week in terms of food because we didn’t buy a lot as we don’t want anything to go to waste as we’re away at the weekend. £1.96 each onto the food bill section of the week.


We’re heading to Prague at the end of this week that I’m tracking here so I download some 99p film rentals on iTunes for us to watch on the plane there and back. The flight’s only 1 hr 45 mins so films are perfect for making it go quickly. Somehow they both end up being Zac Efron movies. What can I say? We share the cost of the first film and I buy the second one for me because I know Luke won’t like it. £1.48 

We headed out for dinner, our Around The World review so dinner was on them which is awesome. Really enjoyed it.

Flying to Prague today with the in-laws, this trip was an incredible Christmas present from them so they’ve already given us spending money which is amazingly generous. They also don’t let us buy breakfast in the airport so this is pretty much all I’ll spend for the week now. I pick up some bits in Superdrug as I can never get through security with my contact lens solution. I grab contact solution, lip balm and some water for me and Luke for the plane. £7.32

I pop my O2 Travel data charge for the weekend onto my weekly spending which is £1.99 a day. Luke and I share this cost because we’ll both be using maps non stop in Prague so this is £3.98 each.

Total spending for the week: £113.15

A teeny bit over budget this week but this is because I rolled over my overspend from last month’s budget. This also includes my food shopping for the week which I keep in a separate budget so not too bad all in all seeing as I spent about £15 on gifts and a couple of random things that I don’t usually buy like data and plane films! What do you think of these posts? Would you be interested in others like this?

Hero image by Anna from Pear & Bear Photography.

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  1. Maybe reading and enjoying this post so much makes me nosy! haha but I did really enjoy reading this! It’s so interesting to see what you spend in a week and it’s made me think more about what I’m spending and how I really need to keep track of it!

    1. I love these kinds of posts, I’m super nosy! Do you think a monthly one would be interesting? I’ll definitely do at least one more and see how that goes down! x

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