Why You Need Pulled Buffalo Chicken Pizza In Your Life

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a pizza fanatic so when my buddies over at Chicago Town asked to collaborate on a post again, you betcha I’m there. I’m becoming a bit of a Chicago Town The Takeaway pizza ambassador by default but I’m totally ok with that because their pizzas are some of the best!

I like to thing I’m a bit of a pizza connoisseur. I pretty much point blank refuse to pay for traditional takeaway pizzas because they’re such a rip off. They always turn up with battered toppings or cold and for almost £20, I’m not interested in a sub-par pizza experience. No thanks. I love a fresh, fridge-y posh pizza from the supermarket (you know the ones with like, rocket on them?) and I love to go out for pizza. But, sometimes when you want that ultimate takeaway taste you just can’t get it out of your head.

So, why another post about a pizza party? Well Chicago Town The Takeaway pizza have brought out two new US inspired flavours! Naturally, I’ve eaten them and I’ve take photos of them (obviously in reverse order) and now I’m going to tell you about my tasty takeaway night in without the mega cost.

The first of their new flavours is Classic Crust BBQ Feast and it’s got that true BBQ sauce taste that I realise how much I like it. It’s not a sauce that I have on tap at home like ketchup and mayo so I forget that it’s so tasty! Some more pepperoni can never go a miss but this is a BBQ pizza lover’s dream.

The second (and I saved the best ’til last here) flavour is the new Stuffed Crust Pulled Buffalo Chicken. Get these whilst you can. Stock up your freezers. These babies are limited edition and are not to be missed. I am all about this tomatoey stuffed crust and the crispy onions on this pizza make it so much more delicious. I’m so serious about this pizza it’s unreal. Maybe hands down my fave Chicago Town The Takeaway pizza ever. Go get ’em!

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