3 Of My Favourite DIY Bloggers

Did you know that 48% of people are unconcerned about risks to their health from doing DIY? How crazy is that? Half of the people surveyed by slatergordon.co.uk don’t care that they could get hurt or injure someone else by just doing a little DIY. These people be crazy. I mean 45% of these people would just drill into a wall. Calm your drills, guys.

I only venture into the world of DIY if I’m 100% sure that I’m following a tutorial or instructions to the absolute letter. Otherwise, it’s get on the phone to my super-dad-in-law that can literally do anything to do with DIY. How do some blokes just instantly know what to do? Amazing.

1. Burkatron 

I’ve followed Caroline’s blog for years and years, I love her personal style, her nail tutorials and her DIYs are amazing. She’s so imaginative and makes beautiful items and trinkets out of the most normal stuff. I mean, how cute are these Geo Planters and these hanging plants?

2. Swoonworthy

An insanely beautiful interiors blog that you literally have to go and look at, like now. This tray DIY is just too cute. As well as amazing interiors inspiration, tips and advice and a whole lot os style steals, Kimberly is a DIY goddess and you should definitely check her out if you like Pinterest-worthy style on the cheap.

3. Sarah Akwisombe

Sarah doesn’t do loads of DIY anymore but she’s my go-to gal when it comes to spray painting anything. Check out her 5 steps to spray painting anything blog post. If you like anything modern, cool, a little bit pink and a lot monochrome then you’ll love Sarah’s style.

I love all three of these gals’ style because they’re all a bit of me in different ways, I think my home is a mish mash of the three styles and somehow if works. Check out some more of my interiors posts if you’re interested in this type of thing!

Basically, if you want to DIY make sure you’re on the look out for things in the home like pipes and asbestos and also that you’re taking the appropriate precautions by wearing gloves and masks and also getting someone in for a professional opinion before you embark on your very own DIY SOS. This post has been in collaboration with Slater Gordon but these girls really are my fave DIY bloggers.

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