What I spend in a week #2

My first spending diary was really popular so I thought I’d do another for this week just gone! Kicking it off is my food shopping as I explained in my last post, I keep separate budgets for my weekly spends and my food shopping. My half of the food shop was £15.45 this week which was our cheapest shop of the month. We weren’t at home for dinner twice in this week so we didn’t need as much food, obviously! Again, this weekly spends runs Saturday- Friday.


Spend the morning cleaning the flat, taking some blog snaps and watching Modern Family. Eat breakfast at home, scrambled eggs on toast with some coffee. I’m off to a hot pod yoga session organised for bloggers at lunchtime so this is free! Grab a Starbucks with one of the girls before we head to yoga – £2.75. Heading to my lovely auntie’s birthday tonight and also another friend’s in the afternoon for birthday cake so grab cards and gift bags for £1.48 (my share) and some wine as a pressie (£4.99). Eat too much cake and free buffet food at the party and end up back at home at around midnight.


Feeling a little bit tired and emotional after my auntie’s party last night, in desperate need of something cold and fizzy so pick up a Fanta on the way to do some food shopping – £1. We grab our food shop (budget above) and a cafetière in Asda for £4.69. Head to the in-laws for a tasty healthy lunch so no pennies spent here. Chill at home for the rest of the day doing some blog bits and prepping lunch for tomorrow.


Pick up my (not-so) baby sisters some birthday gift cards and my bestie a new home card – £21.49 in WHSmith. Head to hot yoga after work that’s already paid for as part of a previous pass and then grab the bus home which is £1.90.


Thought I was going out for lunch with some of the girls from work today so didn’t bring any of Monday night’s chilli. Turns out we got the day wrong so I’m stranded, lunch-less. It’s also raining so I opt to try out the new Uber Eats that’s just hit Nottingham. Steal a £5 code from one of the girls at work and end up with a chicken salad cob and a Diet Coke for £1.25 delivered. Bargain. It was mainly salad to be fair but it was cheap and it filled me up. Heading to my grandparents for a Chinese tonight anyway so trying to take it easy on the ol’ calories.


On a half day at work today as I’ve got a lunchtime appointment. Take some yoghurt, grapes and breakfast biscuits from home to have as a ‘brunch’ type of thing to keep me going over lunchtime as I’ll be busy until about 2.30 in the afternoon. Head to my appt at 12.30 but it’s literally pissing it down so grab an Uber for just under £3.98. Feel super sassy rolling up in a taxi somewhere that’s 10 minutes walk away but I was not getting wet today. Get the tram and then the bus back home as I’m off for the rest of the day. Another £4+ on travel. Gah. Eat my chilli that I was meant to have for lunch yesterday when I get home around 3pm. Watch Modern Family and catch up on blog emails in the afternoon.

Food Shopping 15.45
 Starbucks  2.75
Cards 1.48
Wine 4.99
Fanta 1
Cafetière 4.69
Girls pressies 21.49
Bus 1.9
Cob 1.25
Uber 3.98
Tram 2.2
Bus 1.9
Pepsi Max 0.4
Nero 3.9
Dinner with Flo 17.35
Magazine 1
Sainsburys 1.85
Dry Shampoo 1.26
Bus 3


Don’t spend anything today apart from 40p on a Pepsi Max and £3.90 (didn’t realise it was going to be this much when I ordered it) Frappe from Caffe Nero. Also returned £40 worth of shoes to ASOS that I didn’t like so that’s a moral winner.


Off to London today for work so breakfast and lunch is expensed, just a coffee and breakfast biscuits and a Pret baguette but every little helps! Pick up a mini dry shampoo on the way as I’ve got my fringe down so it’s guaranteed to look limp by 3pm. Also get Ibruprofen because I’m having a killer migraine which is fun. £1.50ish in Boots. Get the bus around London – £3 – I’ll probably get this expensed if I can be bothered but it’s tricky when you use contactless so £3 isn’t too bad. Head to meet one of my besties after I finish work as she lives in London, we go to KIN, a Thai street food place. So good! £17.35 for my dish, my half of calamari and a beer. Head back to the station at around 7pm and spend £1 on Cosmo and £1.85 on a Ribena and Maltesers for the journey home!

Total: £76.39

£27.96 Gifts – Not a weekly occurrence to be fair.

£12.98  Travel

£28.50 Eating out & snacks – As usual the highest expense!

£1.61 Beauty/Pain killers

£4.69 Homeware

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  1. I always find that writing these kind of posts always shows me that I am spending far too muxh° I generally sit at the end of each day and write it and sometimes feel a bit sick adding it all up

  2. Thanks for your comment! This is a fairly average week for me and I don’t think it’s too bad. Over a third was on gifts for other people so I don’t feel too guilty at all. I never end up in my overdraft so I’m pretty happy with my budgeting.

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