3 Summer Tanning Tips To Bring On The Bronze

Summer is coming! Well, hopefully, if this rain ever goes away. Summer equals tanning, bronzed skin and some sunshine to go along with holidays and getting your legs out. For me this is anyway!

1. Be gradual

Whether it’s in-shower or over night, gradual tans are the best way to get the glow without the shock! I find that traditional fake tan is too much of a colour change the next day and everyone’s all “You look different.”. But, with a gradual, no one really notices as much. I’m so stealth. I also love to add a little gradual tanner to my face moisturiser every few nights in the summer. Bronzer is also a staple for my summertime makeup, kabuki brushes are perfect for creating the perfect contoured ‘3’ around your face.

2. Smooth it out

Always exfoliate and do any hair removing before you apply any tan so you have a super smooth base to work with. I’m contemplating getting my legs waxed or going to the experts with a professional waxing kit because shaving is so boring, right? It’s long and is never ending! I don’t think I could epilate myself because I’ve got a facial epilator and it’s so painful, have you tried it?

3. 6 minute holidays

Controversial, I know but I will jump on a sun bed a couple of weeks before I head on a sunshine-filled holiday. I really find that it preps my skin a bit before I’m exposed to so much sun and I don’t burn as easily. I always use factor 30 for the first couple of weeks and then I move to a factor 15 towards the end of the holiday.

Let’s hope the sun comes out soon and we can start wearing all those cute dresses we’ve got hidden at the back of the wardrobe!

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