7 ways to style Old Skool Vans

Old Skool Vans are some of my most-worn kicks. They’re so comfy, they go with almost any outfit and they last forever. I’ve got a pair of the classic all black with the white stripe and they’re just my go-to trainers for everyday style. Here are 7 different ways how to rock my fave sneaks fresh from my Style Inspiration Pinterest board.

Pop of colour

Monochrome + a pop of red? The dream.

Midi dress + fishnet socks

I’m loving how these socks look and I’m trying to find the perfect pair so if anyone’s seen any with the ‘holes’ this big, let me know! This look is so cool.

Frills + denim

Denim is perfect with Old Skool Vans and white shirts are perfect with denim so this look’s a no brainer. Love it.

All black everything

It goes without saying that this is a classic and easy, breezy look. I want to look this cool in a black blazer.

Emo kid

Classic me. Mickey Mouse tights and Vans.

Summer dress chills

Toughening up a cute and pretty dress with Vans is a srsly cool look. Love this, it just looks so effortless.

Smarten up

EJ Style lookin’ all kinds of awesome here. Juxtaposing designer Gucci and high street Vans looks awesome.

Check out the classic blue and black Old Skools on ASOS, they’re perfect and apparently the all blacks aren’t in stock right now!

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