3 space-saving hand luggage packing hacks

Holiday season is well and truly here and everyone’s heading away to catch some rays! I’m off to Crete soon and I can’t wait for some relaxation, feta cheese and seriously pretty sunsets. The only thing that can be a little tricky in our vacay situations is trying to fit everything you own into a teeny, tiny suitcase!

We always travel hand luggage only because it’s a great way to keep to a budget as checking in cases can add another £60-100 on top of your trip away, that’s at least 20 cocktails in Greece so it’s not something that I’m keen on paying out for. The tricky thing about the tricky thing (hand luggage) is obviously the space so I’ve got 3 hacks that can help you save space and pack perfectly.

1. Get the biggest case you can

This sounds super obvious but you can find out the maximum sized case on your airline’s website and then find the best case by dimension. Try and get the most lightweight case you can, too because this will save you a load of hassle lugging around excess weight. You can definitely fit in way more than you think into the biggest sized hand luggage case, especially if you’re travelling for around 6-7 days.

2. Outfit plan

This is the most important tip of all because, obviously, this is the majority of stuff that you’re taking with you. A hot holiday is easier to pack for than a cold city break because you’re clothes are definitely smaller and there’s no bulky knitwear or multiple pairs of jeans (hopefully!).

I like to roughly plan my outfits and take photos of each of them so I know exactly what I want to wear. Not down to what day’s for what, but I’ll definitely know that I’ve got, for example, 8 day outfits and 8 night time outfits. This helps you to take less pairs of bottoms/skirts and less pairs of shoes a.k.a the bulky things. Guaranteed that most of your shoes will go with most of your clothes if you have your style nailed down. I love to take a jazzy pair of sandals and these Ego Shoes pom pom sliders are so cute! I just can’t get enough, they’re also really comfortable.

3. Downsize

Don’t take full-sized beauty products! Obviously you can’t take anything over 100ml in your hand luggage but it can be tempting to pack your full tube or bottle of foundation or moisturiser because they’re usually under 100ml. Things like these will definitely still take up a lot of your limited space so a tip I’ve always stuck to is to decant foundation into teeny tubs. These plastic screw top tubs are from Primark and they’re £1 for 5. They come with handy labels and are great for hair products like clay, makeup like foundation and definitely face moisturiser.

The best way to know you’ve got enough is to take note of how many pumps you use on a daily basis and then simply pump this many into the tub. Remember to double up if you’ll be moisturising your face or applying foundation twice a day.

Another beauty essential that I love to take away is hair protection. I have my hair coloured at KH Hair in Nottingham and Beth always does a gorgeous job. Obviously the sun can be as damaging for your hair as it can be for your skin so it’s a great idea to protect your investment! I’ll be taking away the Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil this year. This spray is water-resistant and forms an invisible screen to protect your hair from colour fading, damage and dryness. Love!

A final holiday essential is Soft & Gentle Daily Shower Wash, I’ll be popping this into a smaller squeezy bottle but this is perfect for refreshing at the end of the day or after a workout. You know when you’ve just got sand everywhere? This is perfect for feeling fresh again! How ready are you for your summer holiday? Let me know your packing hacks, favourite beauty products and where you’re going in the comments!

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