How to be an inspiration organisation queen

Inspiration is a huge thing to me. But, there are so many things that people demonise these days like Instagram, the internet and hashtags like #inspo because they’re bad for people’s self confidence. I totally agree that it goes too far sometimes but I think that Instagram and Pinterest especially can be amazing for motivation and inspiration for yourself!

Obviously, I’m human so I definitely get into that unavoidable ‘everyone’s having a better time than me’ Instagram mentality but when I’m not thinking that (99% of the time) I’m using Instagram to inspire me. I don’t just mean in terms of #lifespo, I mean simple things like dishes I want to recreate, restaurants I want to go to, outfits I know I can recreate because I have similar items in my wardrobe… Simple things that make life more exciting.

But, how can you be inspired if you don’t know where that screenshots gone that you want to find or you can’t remember who’s Instagram account you saw that amazing recipe on? This is where a little organisation comes in and Instagram’s awesome new saved feature and Pinterest are fantastic for this. This post is all about my tips for nailing organisation and treating inspiration for exactly what it should be. Exciting, inspirational and fun!

Instagram Saved Folders

These are literally a revelation to me. I used to have (and still do have) a tonne of screenshots in my photos gallery. Probably more screenshots that are a couple of years old than actual photographs that I’ve taken! But, when I used to see an outfit on Instagram I loved or a hairstyle that I wanted to show my hairdresser, a screenshot was the answer!

Now, if you’re scrolling along and you see a recipe that you need to try in you weekly meal plan you can save it! There’s a little flag type button that looks a bit like an old school bookmark on the bottom right hand corner of all pics. Press it quickly just to save it or, if you’re an organisation queen like you obviously are now you’ve read this post, hold it down and you can add it to a folder you’ve already created or make a new folder. For example I have, outfit & Instagram inspiration, hair, home inspiration, food places in London I want to go to, cooking/recipes and meme ideas alongside so many more! (The meme one is for work because, if you didn’t know, I work in social media and memes are life.)


I’m not an everyday pinner but every few weeks I’ll have a monster session where I pin everything from style to food to interiors inspiration. Pinterest is old school now but it’s seriously good and has everything on it! Pinterest is the inspiration answer to the question that you know you want to ask. I.E you know what you want to search for when you get to good ol’ Pinny. But, on Instagram, inspiration creeps up on you and surprises you on your timeline. I love them both because I love being inspired!

What do you use for your inspiration? Are you a Pinterest lover or a screenshot hoarder like I used to be?

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