5 ways to improve his holiday wardrobe

Blokes summer fashion can go a few different ways. The first option; he’s totally fine and you don’t need to pester him – sweet. Secondly, he’s sorted on the fashion front but might need persuading to try something new – fine. Lastly, he thinks summer is 100% Hawaiian shirts and pasty shins – we have a problem. If your guy needs a little assistance in the summer style department, you’ve come to the right place because I’ve teamed up with menswear specialists Jacamo to bring you this post! Here are 5 ways to take him from crazy shirt guy to all out Insta star. Well, maybe not 100% Insta-star but every little helps, right?

1. The base tan

The base tan is everything in terms of holiday prep. This means that he’s less likely to burn and more likely to get some lovely colour. Even if it’s a few sun bed sessions or a couple of weekends in the garden, SPF him up and stick him outside to toast.

2. Travel attire

The thing we want to avoid here is looking like that Brit that’s going on holiday. Avoid anything too jazzy and patterned unless that’s your usual jam! Wear a hat or a cap to cover 4am wake up call hair and you’ll be sorted. The same goes for you too girls, you do not need to be freezing on an air-conditioned plane in a maxi dress and falling over in security in sky-high wedges. Just be chill. The best thing to do is to wear what you would normally on the weekend, something chilled. Denim, a light shirt, khaki, a striped top – this kinda vibe is my favourite. Make sure you have layers that you can take off when you reach the sunshine and you’ll be sweet. Chances are you’ll be jumping into an even more air-conditioned taxi as soon as you land anyway.

3. Nailing day-time look

This is a big one. Looking great on holiday during the day is a fine tuned art and I’ve definitely not found it myself yet. It’s usually 30 degrees plus so this means that it’s time to sweat! Leave the budgie smugglers for the Olympians and stick to swim shorts for bobbing about the town, heading to the beach and chilling around the pool. Jacamo have some awesome pairs that you can check out here. Swim shorts are the time to show some personality. Go bold and bright with some funky prints if you want to make a statement or stick to classic navy or black if you want to stay understated. Heading out on a day trip where you won’t be swimming? Light cotton/chino shorts and a cut off art vest will keep you cool! Just add flip flops.

4. The man bag

Unless you want to carry around his beach towel, suncream, iPad, and everything else he apparently needs for a day out then it’s time to get him to invest in a man bag. Stick to a backpack for easy carrying and the height of coolness.

5. Evening chic

In the evening is where he might want to get a little bit jazzy with his shirts. If he can rock it, pull off the Harry Styles-esque shirts and ooze confidence then let him rock it. If he might feel a little bit self-conscious in a floral short sleeved shirt it’s totally OK to still to smart t-shirts for casual nights and plain Oxford shirts for those times where he feels a bit fancier. Minimalist white trainers look great with everything nowadays but a brown leather loafer could also be his go to summer shoe. They’re relaxed enough to look look but also instantly smarten up any pair of chino shorts.

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