4 ways decorating can make you happier

For most people, their home is their haven. Somewhere they can relax when things get them down. At home, you can truly relax, be yourself and do what you want, when you want, right? Totally.

Looking after your home is really important. It is an investment in yourself and can have a huge impact on your general well-being. The way you decorate can be particularly important. It has a big impact on the feeling of each room. Let’s look at how to decorate in a way that creates a feel-good ambience that will help you to relax and recharge your batteries.

1. Inspirational artwork

Most of us use photos or artwork in our homes to create interest and set the tone. The emergence of sites like Hello Canvas has made good quality prints far more affordable, which means that you can regularly invest in new art for your walls!

You want to use pictures that make you feel good. It could be a family portrait that gives you a lift every time you see it or a copy of your favourite inspirational quote. Just choose what works best for you and your family and get your images printed up into something you can hang on any wall.

2. Let the light in

Numerous scientific studies have shown that exposure to natural light is good for us human beans. In fact, exposure to daylight is so important that many hospitals and clinics are changing the design of their buildings to let more light in. It’s definitely something worth considering doing the same in your own home. The only room that we don’t have a window in is the bathroom and I really miss it so I can’t wait to move to a bigger house and have an actual window!

Simple steps like replacing curtains with blinds, and installing mirrors doesn’t cost much. They both make a big difference to how much natural light is let into the home, and how much of it stays within a room.

3. Bring the outside in

Adding plants to your home and changing the way furniture is arranged so you can see more of your garden, or other green spaces, are both easy to do. Again, there is plenty of research that shows that being close to nature has a very positive impact on mental and emotional health.

4. The right colour palette

The way you use colour in a room also has a big impact on how people feel when they are in it. You can find out more about this and how to use colour in your home to improve how you feel by checking this article out.

This has been a sponsored post but I am obsessed with decorating and I feel like the things in this post are really important!

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