3 ways to make your next holiday more memorable

We all love to travel and we all hate the feeling of holiday blues, right? Summer’s coming to an end and so is holiday season. How exactly can you get over holiday blues? A great method is to simply ensure that you make the holiday as memorable as possible in the first place! This gives you something to look back on both straight after returning, and in the future! Here are 3 ways to make your next hols the most memorable. 

1. Find a unique location

Above all, you’ll find that what you remember best is where you actually went. Finding a unique destination is a huge part of it, so this is something that you should focus on more than anything else if you want your holiday to be memorable. It can be tricky finding a good destination which is relatively inexpensive, however. One good way to go about it is to book a flight to a relatively popular destination, but then make your own way around once you are there. Go exploring: hire a car and get lost, go trekking in the countryside. However you do it, finding somewhere new is bound to lodge itself in your memory better than just staying in the hotel.

2. Take lots of photos

If you are someone who annoys your friends with photo after photo (i.e me), you might be in luck here. It is actually true that the more photographs you take, the more you are likely to remember of your trip. So if you are not yet accustomed to taking lots of photos, you might want to change that up for your next journey abroad. The trick is to photograph those events, occasions and sights which particularly stand out as you travel around. These will then act as markers in your memory, and will make the story of the trip seem more cohesive. It also seems to be true that taking a few selfies here and there can add to this effect greatly, particularly if they are especially well done. Take a look here at how to capture the perfect selfie moment, and then take that knowledge with you as you travel.

3. Packing in plenty of activities

You might think that if you limit the amount that you do, you might be able to remember more. But as it turns out, this is not actually true. It seems, instead, that the more you do, the more you also remember doing. So if you are serious about improving how much of the journey you remember, you should think about trying to plan as many activities as you possibly can in the time you are away. This will give your brain more to latch on to, and you will find yourself reminiscing about what you did much more in the future.

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