5 end of 2017 goals

The year runs away with us so quickly, doesn’t it? All of a sudden it’s September at the end of the week and we’re only a few months away from Christmas and then the dreaded New Year’s Eve rolls around and it’s back to making resolutions we might not keep. Stress!

I’ve had a think about the things that I want to achieve by the end of 2017. This year’s gone so, so quickly for me as I’m sure it has for everyone else but I’m determined to get some stuff done over the next few weeks and months!

1. Rename my blog

The plan is to move away from The Friday Girl (because it never really meant anything in the first place) and just use my name as my blog URL. I’ve always just used my name on Twitter and Instagram¬†anyway so there’s no real connection to my blog name as it stands now. I think the days of ‘blog names’ are well and truly over and it’s much more professional to just run with your actual name. Luckily, my very clever boyfriend is a web designer and developer so I can get a little in-house dev work done on my blog which is amazing. So, watch this space for a new, revamped website!

2. Re-learn a skill

I’ve always wanted to relearn playing the drums and I’ve recently bitten the bullet and I had my first lesson after about 10 years away. I loved it and I *think* I’m going to continue and try and pass my exams as I didn’t take any grades when I was younger and too much of a rebel. *Eye roll*.

3. Get a promotion

This is something that I hope will happen within the next month or so because it’s been a long time coming and I feel like I’ve really earned it and worked really hard and come a really long way. I’m still learning every day but in some ways I have stopped improving so I’m ready for a new challenge! Fingers crossed.

4. Listen to my body

Recently I’ve been noticing aches and pains where I haven’t before, I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older (lol quarter century) but I feel like I need to actually rest when I need to instead of just pushing through, stop lifting heavy when I feel weak and try and do more restorative activity like hot yoga which I do love.

5. Create a 5 (ish) year plan

This is obviously a bit of a big one but, basically I just mean that I want to to think more about the future. I’ve always been a little bit of a ‘see how it goes’ person and never really thought more ahead than the next few weeks. I¬†am a serious planner when it comes to my day to day life but I’ve never really been a “this by 30” person. I think it’s a good idea to start to have a few goals as I get over 25. This will include getting on the property ladder and kids (at some point much later towards the big 3-0 definitely!) but I know that I want some sort of plan, somehow. Eek.

What are you goals for the end of the year? Are you a wait until NYE person or will you still try to achieve stuff this year?

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