3 ways fall back in love with your interiors

When you’ve lived somewhere for a while, like anything that sticks around for longer than 5 minutes, there is the tendency to become a bit bored with it. But, unless you’re cu-razy rich it’s probably not on the cards to up and move every time you get bored with your home and interiors.

1. Invest in new furniture

Occasionally a room can benefit massively from one big change instead of a lot of small ones. If the basis of your room isn’t exactly to your taste and is dragging everything else down this could be the thing to change! For example, a new metal framed bed to replace an old wooden number could bring a whole new lease of life to a room where everything else is perfect.

2. Inject some colour

Giving everything a lick of paint is obviously a magic way of making everything feel super fresh, new and clean. I’m so into this navy walled room – it’s nuts. I just love how a dark wall can make everything else in the room pop. Gold looks fantastic against navy, pink suits navy down to a tea and yellow gives navy a whole new lease of life as well. Navy is a great all rounder colour that goes with so many different styles, textures and colours. My love of navy doesn’t stop with walls. How cute is this “be limited edition” cushion?

3. Change the little things

Accessories and soft furnishings are the easiest way to get change on the cheap. I’ve teamed up with Julian Charles for this post so I had to include some of their gorgeous items in it. Their sequin cushion would go amazingly in a navy room with luxe silver accents – the quality just oozes out of the sparkle. The coral throw is just super cosy and is summer colour that can keep the sunshine lasting just that tiny bit longer. I also love this pom pom knitted throw from M&S is another throw on my wish list!

Adding metal accents into a bedroom especially is a really easy way to give your space some ‘posh hotel’ vibes. I love this copper succulent pot from Asda (an awesome place to find budget homeware) and this metal candle plate and metal wire basket are perfect for storage solutions and displaying trinkets and candles.

By layering luxurious fabrics on top of basic ones like linen and cotton you can create really gorgeous textures. The velvet cushions and features in the pink velvet accented room are gorgeous and look amazing with the greenery. Pop some faux palm print leaves into this heavy base vase and you’ve got a Pinterest worthy room!

In need of some more renovation inspo? I’ve got loads more inspiration like this frame wall over on my Pinterest board and you could also check out the Julian Charles eBook for loads more helpful tips and gorgeous ideas. Remember, #RenovateRedecorateInspire instead of spending loads of cash on moving house.

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