Wine tasting date night

I love a date night, and I think they’re so important to have! Especially when you’re 4 years into a relationship, it’s really special when you get out together and make an effort. We headed to Veeno last weekend for a little wine tasting action. We’ve done plenty of beer tours and beer tasting but never a wine tasting together so we were excited to see what we thought.

We tried their “Selezione” wine tasting which features six wines from their family vineyard in Sicily, each of which is paired with a different Italian cured meat, cheese or bread. Everything is so Italian at Veeno, and I respect that. But, a little butter with the gorgeous bread wouldn’t have gone a miss. The selection includes two white wines, one rosé wine and two red wines.

Fun fact time. I learnt that rosé wine is literally just dyed white wine. What the actual !? I never knew this! Please tell me that I’m not the only one? They just put the red grapes skin into the white wine and it colours the wine. My whole life has been a lie, but it was delicious so we’ll just have to get over it.

All of the wines were gorgeous and were perfectly paired with meats and cheeses and loads of amazing focaccia, breadsticks and croutons. My absolute favourite was one of the white wines (I think the elderflower-y one!) with this ridiculously tasty truffle cheese. If you’ve not tried truffle cheese then you need to assess your life decisions, it’s just too good.

I didn’t think I was a red wine gal if I’m perfectly honest, I don’t think I’ve ever had a full glass, I usually find it too heavy and rich. But, I really enjoyed both of the red wines that I tried at Veeno, one more than the other, the slightly less rich one was my favourite of the two! I absolutely loved the pairings of the cheese and meats with the reds and I totally get the hype about red wine now. I feel like it’s a super grown up drink and I could definitely get used to it! I mean, I got used to avocado and now I love it so I think I could definitely get on board with red wine!

What’s your fave wine? Are you a white, red or rosé fan?

Have you been wine tasting before? I’d definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of wine and you fancy a fun night out with your friends or your other half!

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