The best roast in Bridgford?

When I heard The Botanist was coming to Nottingham I was super intrigued. I’d actually never visited one before but we’d ventured to The Alchemist in Leeds and I’d of course, heard all about The Botanist on social and from some of my friends that were already The Botanist lovers! So, of course, when the press event rolled around and an invite popped into my inbox I was really excited. I was also excited about the prospect of heading to West Bridgford as I hardly ever head to this side of town.

As I said, I went to the press dinner and was treated, with Luke, to a three course meal and some amazing cocktails. The drama of the cocktails are awesome and I’d massively recommend the basil and passionfruit crush – it’s incredible. I was also really impressed with their beers list, so many awesome craft beers on there so we were in our element. The food was killer, on the launch night we went for a burger and I had the lamb hanging kebab and both were fab. To start we had the really well priced Whitebait and Calamari – both delicious and I think such great value for money for the quality of the food.

We enjoyed the press event so much that we popped back last weekend for some lunch. We were planning on burgers and that kind of treat as we were feeling a little worse for wear but we actually changed our minds when we spotted the Sunday lunch/roast dinner menu. I had chicken (peri-peri salt on your roast dinner is a revelation FYI) and Luke had belly pork. We both felt super greedy so ordered stuffing balls and a cauliflower cheese side which were both well priced at £2.50 each. These Sunday dinners were absolutely awesome and I’d really recommend heading here if you need a re-feed. So much food, amazing quality and looks frigging awesome on Instagram, let’s be real.

I love the setting of The Botanist too – it’s just really well decorated and has a really relaxing feel to it. Staff were fantastic and super attentive too. I’d definitely recommend The Botanist for drinks, lunch, dinner or Sunday lunch.

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