Why friends who get you are so important

When you’re in the world of blogging, it can seem to be incredibly social with all of the events and social media interaction but really, if you’re a little bit shy, it can be super lonely. I’ve never got *too* involved with the scene if I’m honest so it can be weird when none of your friends really “get” blogging.

Why you do it can be tricky to explain, how you work with brands can be tough to tell people about and the reason that you have to take photos of everything for “content reasons” just in case it’ll be good on Instagram is weird to some people. Talking about money and how much you’d expect or charge for collaborations can be super weird too if no one really gets the industry or knows how things really work.

Luckily for me, this little blonde babe came to work on my team and I knew from the second I saw her (well, I already followed her on Instagram and Twitter, duh) that she’d get me. Having someone to chat to about the blogging world, writers block, awkward PRs, late invoice payments and everything else is so helpful for your peace of mind when you’re in an ‘industry’ that’s as ever changing and crazy as blogging. Dealing with jealousy, competition, feeling on your own at events and saying no to brands are all things that you can help each other with and it’s so nice to have someone there for you.

As well as the awesome things like photo taking, brunch dates, being the first to like each other’s photos and having them convince you to post that picture that you’re over critiquing that will actually end up getting loads of likes. They’re always right and they can push you out of your comfort zone but with the hand waiting to pull you back into safety if you’re struggling. Having buds that know exactly what you’re mad/angry/upset/happy/thrilled/excited about is exactly what you need when you’re in a sometimes lonely industry. Basically, love ya, Robs, you’re the best.

Photography by Anna from Pear & Bear Photography. Check Robyn out at RobynMayday.com.

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