CELIA Lager: A simple review

I’ve not done a straight up review for a little while but I’m always on the look out for new products and tasty treats that catch my eye so that’s exactly what’s coming your way today. Let me know if you’d like to see more reviews/less reviews – whatever! Just let me know what you think to this post in the comments.

I love craft beer as you probably know from my Insta stories from the weekends and how often I’m chatting about beers in *almost* every post that includes food or a weekend away. Last weekend we were in London and we visited the Beavertown tap house and I loved that! Check out my 24 hours in London post if you fancy a nose. I’ve always been a beer girl over wine and spirits, probably because I’m my father’s daughter – so when my boyfriend recently got more into craft beer, I definitely did too. We even visited a craft beer brewery in Crete when we were on our summer holiday – that’s how much we love it!

So, today I’m collaborating with CELIA lager – a Czech hand crafted lager which comes in two varieties: CELIA Organic and CELIA Dark. It’s gluten free which is amazing for all you coeliacs out there; luckily I’m able to eat gluten but I have plenty of friends that have been diagnosed with an intolerance and I always stress when I have them over for dinner or drinks that I’m going to poison them! Having a go-to gluten free beer to stock up on is amazing. CELIA is also suitable for vegans which is another fast-growing dietary requirement everyone seems to be heading towards these days.

But, what about the taste?

The CELIA Organic is a really soft, super easy to drink lager as it’s a Czech Pilsner, it’s delicious and seems a tad more sophisticated than your average lager, I must say! I don’t know if it’s the cute minimal packaging (let’s not lie, it definitely is), but it just looks nicer on the dinner table than your average stubby from Lidl. This beer is fancy.


CELIA Organic lager is “brewed using just three ingredients, making it a crisp and refreshing drink with undertones of citrus”. You definitely get that freshness and citrus hit so it’s perfect with spicy food such as Mexican. It’s also naturally carbonated so it isn’t too gassy and doesn’t leave you feeling too bloated like some other beers.

What about the Dark one?

If you’re into deeper tastes, then the CELIA Dark will be for you! It’s got a “warm, distinctive coffee-like aroma and a rich body with nutty flavours and undertones of rye” which means that it’s perfect for this time of year when we’re wanting to snuggle up on a Saturday night with a hearty stew instead of braving the bars in town. Obviously, the Dark lager is also gluten free and suitable for vegans.

If you fancy trying these tasty beers, you can pick up CELIA in Waitrose, Tesco and on Tesco Online and they are £2.29 each.


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