Fashion History Lessons: Behind Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 in Paris and over the years, it has become a name associated with fashion and glamorous designs; the brand is now worth over 24 billion dollars (wow). From the beginning, the brand was very exclusive and it started by making luxury luggage for royalty of France. In 1977, there were only two Louis Vuitton shops and now they have over 400 shops all around the world! The price is always a concern when talking about luxury items but this is one of the things that make them so exclusive, of course. Big brands always try to control the type of people buying their products, we know this. Louis Vuitton bags will certainly offer a very unique and glamorous touch to anyone’s wardrobe and with so many different styles, shapes and sizes available, there is a pretty good chance that you’d find the perfect handbag and it will be love at first sight.

At around 1950, the famous brand started incorporating leather into most items; starting from wallets and going all the way up to big pieces of luggage. This was a big step because it took the already glamorous style and combined with a very much appreciated material and the rest is history. Leather handbags are the thing to have for every season and every woman wants a luxury item on her shoulder.

It’s the style and glamour that makes them so popular throughout the history and it is very likely that it will be around for years to come. Louis Vuitton is considered the most powerful brand and the most replicated in the world with a value of almost double of that of the second rank. This can only mean a rich history and a very good sense of fashion and a style that will never die; even something as small as a wallet can have the essence of what the LV is all about and the pattern is one of the most popular styles in the world!

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