Why dungarees will change your style life

Denim, dressing comfortably and dungarees are 100% part of my daily routine. If it ain’t comfy I’m not wearing it and when dungarees came back in a few years ago I was straight on that trend. Plus, they keep your tummy extra warm in the winter cos extra layer. Yep, I am 25 going on 85, whatcha gonna do?

Here are five of my favourite picks from the high street, under £100, right now! Kicking off with the most expensive but probably the best quality, these Levi’s Original Dungarees are the iconic mid wash blue, straight leg and just look like absolute dungaree perfection. I prefer my dungarees to have a straight/slim or a mom fit bottom because they look a bit cooler and they’re seriously comfortable. I do have some skinny ones that I’m wearing in these photos that are from New Look and have great stretch so they’re still amazingly comfy. These Cheap Monday Spray Skinny Dungarees are great if you’re a skinny-jeans lover looking to venture into the land of the dungarees.

ASOS are killin’ it (as always) in the dunga-department with these two babes. Firstly, the classic Denim Dungaree in Midwash Blue again have the mom-leg and are a great alternative to the Levi’s if the £94 price tag is putting you off the investment. Secondly, how Nineties and cute are the Washed Pink versions? I’m obsessed but probably won’t buy them because I’d 100% get coffee or ketchup on them immediately because I’m clumsy as hell. I love the pink hue though, seriously cute and on trend.

Finally, let’s get a little edgy with these Mango Faux Leather Dungarees – how cool? Also, wipe-clean cos faux-leather so those aforementioned ketchup issues are no more. These would look awesome with a long sleeved striped tee and Converse for the day or a cute slogan t-shirt and barely there heeled sandals for an evening look.

I found all of these babes on Lyst, a pretty snazzy site that let’s you search basically the entire internet and compare products from different sites. It also alerts you when items you’ve added into your wish list go into the sale or on limited time offer. I thought, well, that’ll be annoying. Yeah, sometimes, but not when the jacket you want from Miss Selfridge goes into 40% off sale the day after you nearly bought it at £60. Hells to the yes, that is not annoying in the slightest.

Photography by Anna from Pear & Bear Photography.

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