3 tips for stress-free Christmas shopping

The festive season is well and truly here and I am all about getting sorted for Christmas. I’m wrapping gifts, buying advent calendars, booking in Christmas catch-ups and parties and popping up cute Christmas lights! Yas. Speaking of Christmas lights, how awesome are these customisable alphabet lights from Cox & Cox? If you know me, you’ll know that I am all about anything that I can customise, personalise or generally have my name on. I was all about those velvet headbands with my name on in the Nineties, so, why should that change? You could write Merry Christmas, your names, Ho Ho Ho, reindeer’s names, anything that’ll make you feel festive af.

I’m definitely feeling ready for Christmas because  I’ve bought and wrapped most of my presents and it’s making me feel a lot less stressed about the whole thing. If you find Christmas a little crazy, because, let’s face it, it’s expensive and it can be stressful then here are my three top tips for stress-free gift buying!

1. Write a list

Once you’ve decided you’re going to start Christmas shopping, it’s time to get your notebook and pen out. Old school style. This one is obvious but you write a list of who you need to buy for and if you don’t already have an awesome idea for them, ask them for some ideas. Then, write them all down and start shopping!

Don’t forget to make a list of other bits and bobs that you’ll need for the whole gifting process. Wrapping paper, bags, ribbons, labels, sellotape, everything! I always have a wrapping theme every year, do you? This year I’m going for navy and green with a copper edge! This is the super pretty mini stars wrapping paper and matching copper gift tags from Cox & Cox and the ribbon is actually from Wilko and is amazingly shiny. I’ve also tried a little rustic thing with some brown string and I think it’s kind of cute, don’t you?

2. Set a budget

Budgets are so important when it comes to Christmas. We always set on between us as a couple as to how much we know we can afford. Then, if you’re struggling you can reduce the budget and then you’ll know that you won’t receive anything that’s going to create an awkward atmosphere on Christmas Day! The same goes with Secret Santa and family gifts, everyone will understand if you can’t afford the same as them or vice versa. Make sure everyone knows where they stand and everyone will be happy.

In terms of bargains once you’ve set your budget, search around for deals on the internet and in store until you find the best one (if you’ve got the time). A lot of brands will have free gifts or free delivery if you spend over a certain amount or they have awesome offers like 40% off (I’ve seen this at The Body Shop, they do great gifts and awesome offers!). I’ve also seen Thorntons do some great offers as well on their big boxes of chocolates. Oh, and don’t forget about the Boots Star Gift of the week, Hello, half price beauty! I feel like Martin Lewis giving you the lowdown on the best deals. Finally, don’t forget to utilise cash back websites like Quidco, if you join with my link here, you can get £5 cashback and so do I. Winning all round!

3. Don’t leave things until the last minute

If you thrive off the thrill of Christmas Eve shopping, be my guest. But, I’m guessing you’re the type of person with 3000 emails in their inbox. Uh, no thanks. I would always spread Christmas shopping out over at least a month! This way, it’s not loads of money going out at once and it’s also not one, cold, tiring day trawling the high streets fighting with random ladies about the last gift set in Superdrug. Plus, if you’re feeling ready and chilled out, you can enjoy the season of Christmas so much more!

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  1. Love the comment about last minute shopping and unread e-mails! I am really proud that I have managed to get UNREAD e-mails to below 4,500! Oh dear!

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