5 locations on my travel bucket list

I was going to call this my 2018 travel bucket list but that would have been ridiculously ambitious and I’d probably have to win the lottery so let’s just say it’s places I want to go at some point for sure. This definitely isn’t an exhaustive list of places that I want to visit, it’s just 5 that are on my mind at the moment. Of course, coming up to the new year, we’re all thinking about things that we want to do in the coming year so here are some travel dreams of mine. Let me know if you’ve visited any of these places and have any blog posts to share or tips you can send me!
1. New York (again)
I was lucky enough to travel to New York with my course at uni but I really, really, want to go back and share it with my special person because all we did when I was there with uni was shopping and I want to actually see New York properly! We didn’t even do top of the Rock or anything, it was a bit of a wasted trip to be honest so I really want to go back there. I want to head to specific restaurants, I want to enjoy Ellis island when it’s not freezing cold and I want to explore America with my best friend so it’s definitely on the list. I also really want to do the West Coast too so would love any itinerary tips for them both.
2. Copenhagen
As much as I’ve heard that it’s super expensive it doesn’t put me off that much! I just want to see those beautiful coloured houses, look at them! I also love Scandinavian style and their way of life so I really want to try it out for myself. I basically just want to go here for all the Insta-pics because, let’s face it, it’s going to be amazing.
3. Sri Lanka
Everything else on this list is a city break, really, but sometimes you really need a hot, exotic get away, right? Definitely. I said it last year but I loved our Greek break to Crete this summer but I definitely felt like I needed to see more than Europe for my next break. Check out my 3 out of the box things to do in Crete for some cute things to do though, it’s a beautiful island and I had a fantastic time. It was basically an extreme sports holiday and I’m totally fine with that. Anyway, back to Sri Lanka – the actual point of this section. Sri Lanka just looks like something completely out of this world, it has undiscovered parts, ancient temples, National Parks and just incredible sights to see. There’s also a rock fortress to climb at Sigirya which apparently has incredible views and we all know how much I love a good hike.
4. Lisbon
We’ve been to the Algarve in Portugal a fair few times because it’s reliable weather and gorgeous food but we want to see something different in Portugal and 2017 seemed to be the year of Lisbon! I saw loads of my favourite bloggers head here in the summer and it just looks so beautiful. I also really need to get my hands on those little custard tarts because they look ridiculously delicious.
5. Budapest
I absolutely fell in love with the idea of Budapest purely from this blog post by Kristabel, her photography is amazing and the tourist board need to sponsor that girl ASAP because her post is so informative, so beautiful and now I really need to go to Budapest super soon. Where’s on your travel bucket list? Is there anywhere that you absolutely must go this year?

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  1. I completely agree about New York – I’ve been a few times but I’d love to take Chris and experience it together! Copenhagen and Sri Lanka are both on my list too!!

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