My Sunday haircare routine

Sorry, I can’t. I’m washing my hair.

Does anyone actually ever use that hilarious excuse? Maybe, I don’t know but I might start. I usually wash my hair every two days and then liberally spray my entire head in dry shampoo every other day. I used to wash my hair every day before dry shampoo was a thing and I am so glad we have all moved with the times because I just couldn’t be bothered to wash it every day these days. Sleep is definitely more of a necessity! My Sunday routine often consists of face masks and hair washing (post bathroom cleaning – obviously!).

I was kindly gifted this set of shampoo and conditioner from 72Hair, a brand that I’ve not used before so I definitely wanted to give them a good go! I’ve been using them for a little over a week now, these are the Daily Intense Moisture Duo which is designed for chemically-treated or damaged hair so it’s fantastic for my bleached ends. My hair is pretty healthy already as I really look after it after years of tragic dye jobs but it’s great to have something that’s really going to nourish the ends. The Hydrating Conditioner protects against sun damage, pollution and UVA rays which is an awesome added bonus.

I’ve really liked using these products but I’m not sure that they’re any more amazing than the shampoo I get from my hairdressers if I’m honest. They smell lovely but I don’t think I’d repurchase them at almost £30 for the set, I’m not sure if they’re really proving their value for money with their website etc but they definitely are nice products. Has anyone else used these?




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