Why I’m back to feeling myself again

The end of 2017 really took it out of me, I’m not going to lie but now I’m feeling a lot better, a lot sassier and definitely back to feeling myself again and it’s a great feeling. It’s crappy when you don’t feel 100% isn’t it? Let’s get into a *little* personal post but obviously with a dash of style because I am all about this outfit. Red doesn’t have to just be festive!

So, what happened?

Nothing major at all, just a few pressures and stresses that are pretty normal but can get on top of you. I had a pretty stressful last two months with applying for, interviewing and starting a new job and then being *pretty* poorly for about 3 weeks in December along with my irritating af gym injury I wasn’t really feeling myself to be honest. I know, poor me, get your tiny violins out, but it’s all relative isn’t it. When I get stressed my stammer tends to get really bad and I tend to struggle on everyday things to say that I’m normally OK with. Obviously, when starting a new job this isn’t ideal because you want to come across in the best way but when you’re awkward af anyway and then on top of it all, can’t talk, it’s super awkward. But, I’ve had a great break and relaxed and my speech has become a lot better. It’s not perfect again like I felt it was a few months ago but it’s just something else to work on isn’t it?

What did I do to get my mojo back?

Well, as well as obviously having a fab Christmas break and just generally relaxing I’m feeling a new lease of life for my blog (yay for a new year!) and I’m cooking AND exercising again so I’m basically in my happy place (except when the DOMS kick in amirite). All everyone wants is to be happy and do things that make them happy and that’s the plan for the foreseeable future I thinks! Sounds a bit vom-worthy but why the hells not?

Style additions

I’ve added a few cute pieces to my wardrobe in the form of this Faded Love Flared Sleeve Sweater and super cool Rebel Pleather Moto Skirt, both from Tobi. My boots are from ASOS and are oldies (but seriously goodies!), these are similar with some funky zips and these are cool with chunky buckles too. I’ve been trying to actually wear my wardrobe and plan my outfits because it really makes me feel better about myself. If every day I get up and I’m not feeling it and just put on the same jeans and tees then I don’t feel at my sassiest, does anyone else feel like this? Here’s to a little new lease of life and feeling as great as we possibly can when it’s raining and chilly! What do you do when you’re not feeling yourself? Would love to hear what makes you gals feel better.

Photography by the legend that is Anil Nataly.

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