How to stop overspending

You guys know I love to shop, but I also love to save and make sure I’m looking after the pennies. I wrote a post all about 4 ways to be better with money which was all about knowing what you have and saving where you can. This post is all about spending that cash that is actually mine to spend. Recently, I’ve joined Starling Bank and I’ve been using this card and account for my ‘fun money’, the disposable income that I know I can spend on whatever I want.

The thing about Starling is that is sends you a notification whenever you spend anything and it instantly takes the amount off your total on your app. This is great because there’s no surprises on a Monday morning when all of your weekend spends go out of your bank account! The app is so great because you can see where you’ve been spending and on what ‘sector’. Starling splits things up into groceries, eating out, bills (memberships/magazine subscriptions) etc and it’s really helpful. Starling really helps me to think before I spend, especially on those little things that add up like snacks, coffee, Boots trips and lunches when I’ve forgotten to make something at home.

It’s great because I feel like I’m spending a little bit less and even when I do have ‘wilder’ moments and months I can see where I’m spending and let myself think about it for the next month. It just puts things in perspective and it’s really great if you’re one of those people that says “I don’t know where my money goes”. Starling is just like Monzo and all those other alternative banks that have sprung up recently. Have you tried this type of card/bank account? What do you think? Would it control your spending?

My app here says -£ because I had a refund in January from money I’d spent in December. This is a little bit confusing but at least I know I got the money back! This isn’t a sponsored post, I just really like being “the one that’s good with money”!

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    1. It’s honestly so good because money instantly goes out of your account and you’re not waiting around for a whole load to go out at once. I love it! x

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