Upgrading my jewellery game with Lola Rose

Jewellery is one of those areas that I think us girls fall into a few different camps with. Either, they LOVE jewellery and it’s all they want for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays or, like me, gals that have a few cool and random pieces that are basically ‘costume’ jewellery (I hate that saying though!) and don’t have too much meaning. I’ve just never really been attached to jewellery and I don’t really like receiving it as a gift because I’m quite particular in what I like.

So, what gems do I like?

I love Astrid & Miyu and Monica Vinader rings, they’re really simple and pretty with a little bit of a funky edge. I have a few cute coin-style necklaces from Posh Totty designs that have cactus and pineapples on (duh, classic me). But, because I type all day at a desk I find bracelets really awkward and noisy! Plus, I wear an Apple Watch and everything looks ugly next to those bad boys so the jewellery I stick to trend-pieces like statement earrings and some simple rings. But, occasionally an outfit isn’t complete without a cute necklace and I’ve been wearing this pretty¬†Lola Rose¬†lips necklace this month and I think it’s really funky! It also comes in a lovely blue colour which I think is really pretty.

What do you think?

What’s your jewellery camp? Are you a keep it forever gal or a trend/style-led person like me?

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  1. I love smaller pieces of jewellery so this necklace is perfect! I’m the same with bracelets, they just bang on the desk and get ruined if I wear them to work.

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