Where to Eat in Krakow: My Top 3 Dinner Destinations

Heading away on city breaks is one of my favourite things, I love to see new cities and cultures. We plan our city breaks around food, I won’t lie to you! I’m a massive foodie and finding little gems in new cities is so much fun. I wanted to share three of my finds from Krakow in Poland because they were seriously good. These are all dinner places as Krakow was less of the brunch and coffee scene and more dinner and beers.

The Zloty, Polish currency, against the pound is about 5 to 1 so if you go to Krakow you’ll spend the entire time being shocked at how cheap everything is. We’re talking beers for less than £2 and amazing steaks for around £8.50. Some places are more expensive than others of course but in general Krakow is seriously good value for money!

1. Plac Nowy 1

This place is a proper venue. There are three or four floors to this place, in the basement there’s a really cool little bowling alley where you can bowl unlimited for an hour for about £12. On the top floor there’s a club and in between there’s two floors of a really cool, relaxed and cosy restaurant. I can’t think of a place in the UK to compare it to because it’s one of a kind. The food wasn’t crazy out there or cordon bleu but it was consistently tasty and the service was great.

We went there twice for dinner and once for bowling during our 4 days in Krakow because it was surefire going to be great. We had pizzas, beers, burgers, starters and desserts over our time there and they were all great. We’d definitely recommend their battered prawns starter and the pizzas because they were spot on if you’re after something a little bit closer to home.

I don’t think heading away should be 100% about eating local, authentic food. I think obviously you should try the local delicacies but it’s your holiday so you should totally eat whatever you fancy. Hence why we indulged in pizzas, burgers and steaks whilst we were away.

2. Hamsa – Hummus & Happiness

If you’re into Middle Eastern food and love your hummus then you have to check out Hamsa if you venture to Krakow.  They had loads of vegetarian options and we went for a sharer plate of mezze and hummus which came with pita breads and wraps for about £9. We had some amazing little falafels, spicy hummus and some babaganoush and it was such a lovely little lunch to keep us going during sightseeing. They also had some incredible chicken skewers, tagines and other delights that we saw making their way around the restaurant. Hamsa was located so close to our hotel in the Jewish Quarter so it was super convenient too. 

3. Karakter

Finally, this one definitely isn’t for the vegans or vegetarians so stop reading now if you don’t want to see a gigantic steak. Karakter is a really cool restaurant which is slightly more expensive than other places because it is more out there and the food quality is insane.

We had ostrich tartare served with egg yolk, avocado, mushrooms and some tasty garlic baguette followed by hanger steaks which were absolutely amazing. I can’t stress how awesome this restaurant is if you want something fancy with a bit of an out-there menu that you can check out here. We only paid about £8.50 for these steaks so although it was more expensive than our other meals it was still only about £40 for our entire dinner with three glasses of wine and beers.

Let me know if you’ve been to Krakow and tried any of these places or if you have any other city break recommendations!

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