3INA Chubby Matte Lipsticks & Going Cruelty Free

Say hey to 3INA, (pronounced Mee-Nah!) a guilt-free beauty brand which is vegan wherever they can be and they’re cruelty free as well as using recyclable materials in their packaging. So, all’s good so far, right? Plus, they’ve got super cute branding, an amazing range of products and colours and they sent me these gorgeous matte lipsticks to have a look at and I wanted to share them with you babes.

This is a short but sweet post but I just wanted to show you these pretty af colours and gorgeous packaging. I’d definitely try some more of 3INA’s products because they’re really pigmented and really great value if you’re on a budget but still want makeup that’s going to pack a punch. You can definitely stock up on ASOS as I’ve seen them stocked on there and check out their site too. Have you tried 3INA before?

I’m also really drawn to this brand because they’re so vocal about being recyclable and cruelty free which are definitely two aspects of shopping I’m starting to think a lot more consciously about. For some (obviously naive) reason I think I assumed all beauty products were cruelty free because it’s not 1980 anymore. But, they’re not. So, I’m slowly trying to reduce down my stash, use up what I’ve got and only buy cruelty free from now on. What’s your stance on cruelty free beauty?

3INA is more than just makeup, it’s about creating a movement that is positive and inclusive, that delivers products fast and efficiently inspiring a sense of fun. 3INA is about inspiring people to think beyond the one-size-fits-all definition of beauty. It isn’t about an airbrushed myth of perfection, it’s real.

Here I’m wearing The Matte Lipstick in this amazing berry red colour, it’s really moisturising actually as well as being matte and I love the colour. What do you think? Are you a fan of a berry lip?

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