3 Berlin Brunch Destinations You Need To Visit

Here goes the last blog post of February – where’s the time gone? This one is all about my number one babe, brunch. Brunch is serious stuff in Berlin and that’s what I like to hear! Brunch is *probably* my favourite food group and I am all about breakfast food at any time of the day. When we headed to Berlin we were really excited about the coffee culture and the tasty brunch treats. Here are my fave three destinations that we hit up whilst we were in the German capital.

1. No Fire No Glory

This little hidden gem was the first place that we visited on our trip to Berlin, they were still serving brunch like eggs, pancakes and smoothies but sandwiches are a legit breakfast food in Germany which is absolutely awesome so that’s what we went for. I mean, why don’t we have sourdough sandwiches for breakfasts? I might try and start a trend back here in Notts! The coffee was great here and we chowed down on some delicious chorizo and avocado sourdough sarnies that were just perfect. Check it out if you want a tasty chilled brunch in the Mitte area of Berlin. We were staying right near the Hauptbahnhof, the main Berlin train station and this place was about 10 minutes away on the tram and a little walk.

2. 19 Grams

Located even closer to the main station and our hotel was 19 Grams. This was just around the corner from the Natural History Museum. This place is run by three Aussie girls and we had some simple toast and coffee to kick start our day. I had some fruit toast with honey and ricotta and it was really yummy. Luke had simple sourdough toast and coffee and it was great. Berlin seemed to be teeming with Aussies, especially working or running coffee shops – all speaking ridiculously good German!

3. Distrikt Coffee

When I mentioned the sandwiches for breakfasts thing earlier, I meant it. LOOK AT THIS. Yes, that is a ham and cheese sandwich also packed with paprika crisps. Absolutely amazing. I’m saving the best until last here because this was where we had my birthday brunch and it was hands down the most amazing breakfast of the whole trip – I had some brioche French toast which tasted absolutely unreal, the berries were so sweet and tangy and it was served with ‘cultured cream’ which I have no idea what that is but it was tasty af. Again the coffee was lovely and it was in a cute area or Berlin which reminded me of New York with all the townhouses and wide streets. 100% go here if you head to Berlin for a city break because it’s amazing!

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