5 Ideas To Keep Smiling

This time of year can suck. It’s cold, we’re all trying to keep to our New Year’s resolutions of spending less money and working out more and all we want to do is wear cute spring dresses and drink cocktails. Well, this is me anyway. But, alas, we can’t do all of these things all the time and I’m definitely not wearing a cute spring dress any time soon. I am the thermal queen and I am proud. So, I’ve been having a think about a few things that can still pop a smile on your face (or at least make you happy inside if you’re heartless like me) that are really simple!

1. Text your mum

She’ll always be nice to you and tell you you’re amazing and she loves you. That’s gotta be good!

2. Indulge in an afternoon treat

Keep the healthy snacks to the morning and crack open the hot cross buns or biscuits when you have your afternoon tea. Yes to hot cross bun season – who’s with me?

3. Meet your besties

And those people that aren’t your bestest ever friends but you still say “we should meet up” – just make the call, send the text and organise it! Having a good old chat over a coffee or a cheeky sandwich can be really good for getting things off your chest, solving problems and generally just having a laugh.

4. Make plans

Generally making plans, booking trips, buying tickets, researching places to go and planning things to look forward to makes me happy. It can be a simple cheap train ride to the next city to explore somewhere new or gig tickets to see your favourite band. Having stuff to look forward to is really important to me. I find I get in a work-blog-exercise rut otherwise!

5. Workout

I definitely feel better after I’ve done some exercise, probably because my brain stops sending me guilt waves that I need to ‘close my move ring’. Shut up Apple Watch. But, I know that I do feel better when I’m healthier. Find something that you love to do and just stick to that. I’m loving Yoga with Adrienne at the moment, I’d definitely recommend her for anyone who’s interested in yoga but isn’t into the ‘spiritual’ side of it.

There we go – a super quick post that will hopefully give you a bit of motivation to call that person, make those plans and not feel bad about eating Creme Eggs before Easter. Photography is by the fantastic Anna from Pear & Bear Photography and my lovely model babe is Robyn and you need to check her out on Instagram because her style is awesome.

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