Weekend Chills in Lincoln

After a crazy week which involved no blogging at all we headed to Lincoln for what we hoped would be a sunny, spring-like cute day out. Unfortunately, it ended up being -2 and snowing but it was still lovely to visit somewhere new and having some time out. I love checking out new cities in the UK that we haven’t been to before and it was even nicer to just travel somewhere just for the day. Lincoln is only 55 minutes from Nottingham on the train and the train station is literally around the corner from the town centre.

We started off with some lunch at The Rising Cafe which is part of the Betel Charity, it’s based inside a church and supports people who need help with drug and alcohol addictions. The proceeds go towards helping the charity which is great and there are some seriously amazing other reasons to visit this place too. Let me run you through them…

The staff are all lovely and super helpful, the setting inside is really cool and vintage, the food is incredible and it’s insanely good value for money. You can get a jacket potato with chilli and cheese for about £3-4! Seriously. We had some delicious lunch, I had the Coney Island hot dog which was covered in chilli and cheese and served with the most amazing tasty chips and Luke went for a Cuban sandwich which I obviously tried and can confirm that it was tasty af. I would massively recommend The Rising Cafe for cake and coffee or lunch!

Look at these bad boys…

We headed for a walk up Steep Hill which is gorgeous and I 100% want to live there because it’s picturesque, stunning and just gorgeous. But, yep, it’s seriously steep as the name might suggest. It’s packed with cute independent shops, pubs, tea rooms and half way up is the gorgeous cathedral to the right and the castle to the left.

At the bottom of Steep Hill is a really cool pub called the Strait & Narrow. We popped in here to escape from the snow and fancied a pint of Guinness because it was St Patricks Day but they didn’t have any. They do have over “120 bottles of beer from all over the world, lots of continental draught, real ale, a comprehensive and contemporary wine list, bespoke premium spirits and an insanely large cocktail menu” though. I settled on an amazing peach beer from Timmermans which is a Belgium brewery and it was honestly probably my favourite beer I’ve ever had. I need this in my life again! If you’re into fruity beers then you will love this. The staff here were lovely too and really knowledgable about everything so we had a great time chilling in here and sheltering from the icy winds!

Let me know any of your other day trip city break recommendations – would love to hear them!

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